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Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Telugu, TG Roundup

Poll 1: How Much of $10 Will You Offer to a Stranger?

You are given $10. You have to offer some of it to a stranger. If the stranger accepts your offer, he/she and you both get to keep the money. Otherwise, you will lose all of it. The stranger doesn’t know HOW MUCH you have, but knows that you will lose all of it, if the offer is not accepted.

How much of that $10 will you offer?


Don’t forget to take the follow-up poll with changed parameters.


  1. Will give $4.

  2. I will offer 1 dollar to the other person.
    1) he doesnot know how much I got in the first place
    2) he has to accept what I give him so that he gets to keep what he is offered

  3. I will offer $4

  4. Thanks to all those who participated.

    It felt good to have so many participate in the show.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. HI mohangaru, i would offer 5$ and keep 5$ so that both can share money equally.

  6. I will offer $6. This is an offer the stranger can’t reject.

    I care more about how much I am getting than how much stranger is getting. I consider whatever I get is a bonus. So if I get $4 it is $4 more than what I have now. So I am not going to complain.

    I assume the stranger is greedy (like the most people on this earth). He is going to think how much more he gets than I get. He wants to see that I loose the deal, more then how much he make.

    So I offer him $6. He will be happy that he gets more than I get. I will be happy that I have more money than I had. Plus I save some time in negotiating.

  7. Practically speaking, I would refuse your 10$ to me, if I can, as I am getting it for free. If I have no choice but to accept your 10$, since it’s not my hard earned money, I would be more than willing to pass it onto someone else at the first opportunity. Bottom line, To answer your question, I would give all of 10$ to the stranger.

    • I second it !

  8. I assume that he doesn’t know how much I have. But he just knows that he has to accept the deal for both of us to keep the money.

    In that case I would offer $5, and would tell him I had $10 if that is allowed.

  9. 5$

  10. Since the other wouldnt get any money without me (and i am the one who came to know the offer) … i want to offer $3 to other a descent amount (definately not half the amount so $3 is accurate).

  11. I will offer $5. Make both the parties happy.

  12. I would offer $3

  13. I’ll give a dollar and a chocolate ($1 worth) and keep $8

  14. $3

    • I would offer 3$

  15. $0.01

  16. I will offer 5$ as we both have 2 equal shares so that stranger may not deny the offer.

  17. I will offer $10 to the stranger as its not my money.

  18. I will offer $5

  19. I will offer 30% of it, as he is a stranger to me & i need to offer some amount to him/her & will keep the 70% for the well being of others as well as my self as I got the money from you ,so it is free money for me i will give #3%.

  20. Nenu 60-40 ani cheppi oppista.iddaru ki benefit. So I belive, he/she will agree.

  21. I will share $1 to the stranger, if it is my hard earned money.

  22. hi mohan garu ,i will offer 4$

  23. Nenu 6$ istanu,

  24. Hi Mohan, I would give the stranger $5 and keep $5 with so that both have equal share and no one is at loss.

  25. I will offer 5$