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  1. dude, this is super.

    • Thank you

  2. Very nice explanation. Thank you, here is my insight.

    Hanuma has just crossed the ocean into Lanka and has searched the entire length of it and finally reaches Asoka Vanam. He jumps onto a tree and can be pictured wearing white clothes, stretched across on the branches with his feet together and moves the leaves apart with his hands:

    Tatho Malina saMveetham
    Rakhasim bisamavrutam
    upavasa krusham deeNam
    NishvaSanteem Punah Punah!!

    The vision was a women wearing soiled clothes surrounded by many demons in various scary forms.She seems to be keeping her mind out of worldly things and in deep sorrow since her savior and her beloved is not close by. Exhaling in despair this was what Hanuma saw over and over again in excitement and belief that his search for Mata Sita is over and he could find her just the way he had imagined.
    [ It is said he who imagines the supreme in a particular form in mind is granted the same darshanam just as imagined ]

    Right after seeing Sita Hanuma feels:

    Asya Devya yatah RupahAngam Pratyanga Soushtavam
    Ramasya Yatha RoopamSamseyam ati chekshana!!

    This is when Hanuma gets the Atma Darsanam and attains Siddhi since he could see Rama in Sita. Hanuma thinks that Sita looks just like Rama with the same physical features.This is a strange comparison, but finding Rama in Sita who is a form of Prakruti this is the attainment of Advaita Siddhi and hence reaching the Yogi status.

    [ “Samseyam ati chekshana” – however Hanuma felt that Sita’s eyes were darker while Ramachandra’s are in the shade of red]

    Sundere Sundaro Ramah
    Sundere Sunderi Katha
    Sundere Sunderi Sita
    Sundere Sunderam Vanam
    Sundere Sundaram Kavyam
    Sundere Sundaro Kapihi
    Sundere Sundaram Mantram
    Sundere Sundarm Kimnasundaram

    Since everything is Sundaram from Rama , his story, Sita , the Asoka Vanam,the Vanara, the chant of Rama and everything that is surrounding ,since all this is beatutiful this Kanda was named Sundara Kanda.Also called as Siddhi Sarga since he who has had the Atma Darshanam is the “Sundarudu” and the yogi who has attained Advaita Siddhi.

  3. this part of the ramayanam is called sundarakanda because, in this book the beautiful lanka is described in detail. also anjaneya swami is successful in burining most of lanka in doing so he found out basic layout of the city and its stongholds. thus he laid basis for a beutiful end to the war that is going to take place. also he found sita in good health which gave solace to srirama who has no idea whether his wife is alive or not .so it is called sundarakanda.