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Posted by on Apr 5, 2010 in Technology

Prepaid Mobiles: How To Spend Less

Mobile phones are nowadays available to each person, but not everyone has a clear control of their spending. Especially if on a contract, you can discover that your bills can sometimes be very high without any forewarning. Some people have unexpectedly been charged thousands.

Prepaid mobiles are a great way to be in control of costs and to keep abreast of your telephony tab. Also known as Pay As You Go subscriptions, prepaid subscriptions offer great flexibility and the possibility to always know how much you have been spending, thanks to their recharge function.

Very few mobile telecommunications companies do not offer prepaid mobiles nowadays, and this is true all across the world. Whether you live in the United States, in Europe or elsewhere, you will not be strapped for choice in prepaid mobile phones.

You will find that with a prepaid mobile, you will also not be limited to antiquated devices anymore, as it used to be. Even multimedia devices that take high-resolution pictures and videos, or mobile office-enabled handsets can be bought with a prepaid mobile subscription.

While it is true that the initial outlay for a high-end phone is less if bought with a monthly subscription, you will find that the subscription will still cost you more than a prepay plan in the end, because you will be locked in to an expensive service plan with features that you may well not use for twelve or twenty-four months.

Some people are put off by having to recharge their phones once their credit runs out, but in reality this is a minor issue as recharging has become easy and hassle-free. Nowadays you can recharge over the internet, by buying a card at convenience stores and supermarkets, and also via the phone itself, even if you have no credit left. You can even set up the phone to recharge automatically, just by sending a text message.

Don’t worry about not being reachable if your phone is out of credit though, you will still be reachable by inbound calls. Prepaid mobile just means that to call or text, you will have to have credit on the card.

Also, prepaid cards nowadays offer lots of extra incentives that allow you to tailor your service to your exact usage. Whether you need longer calling times, affordable long-distance calls, cheap-as-dirt text messages or an internet-enabled device, these are all available options.

So whether you are a teenager, a mobile worker, a stay-at-home mom, a retired person, or are in some other stage of your life, just have a good look at what’s available in your region and you are sure to find a prepaid mobile offer that will suit you.