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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in Interviews, Podcasts, TG Roundup

Prof. Mohan with Dr. Ramesh Donepudi on Sleep Apnea

This is the podcast version of my conversation with Dr. Ramesh Donepudi on Sleep Apnea on Radio Tharanga. Dr Donepudi answered such questions as:
  1. Is snoring a health problem?
  2. Why does one snore?
  3. What is Sleep apnea?
  4. How does one detect it? Can a test be done at home?
  5. When and why should it be treated?
  6. What are the treatment options?
  7. What is CPAP and are there other options?
  8. Are there any medications to treat it?
  9. If one looses weight will Sleep apnea be cured?
Date of broadcast on Radio Tharanga: 2012-07-13
Audio language: English