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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Podcasts, TG Roundup, మోహనమురళీ గానలహరి (MMGL)

MMGL 2012_09_28, Part 1 of 3 (NFL Capitalists vs Unions Poetic Justice)

NFL Referee dispute and its subsequent resolution is a proxy for the battle of ideologies. If you want to know how  quickly people abandon their ideology when the outcome is not in their favor, look no further than the union-busting, Koch brother lapdog Governor Scott Walker. Walker walked back on his ‘anti-union’ stance because he couldn’t sleep as Green Bay’s win was robbed by the less qualified referees appointed by the NFL owners. Guess what, Green Bay is a people-owned team.

Date of broadcast 2012-09-28

Audio Language: Telugu