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Posted by on Feb 13, 2012 in Specials

Valentine’s Day: What is Love (1 of 2)?

*** July 8, 2011 insert: Perhaps one of the most frequently visited ‘topics’ by RJs is, “Which is better – arranged marriage or love marriage?” Like everybody, I too have an opinion about it. However, I avoided discussing this topic on my shows. For, it is a complicated topic. My off-beat thinking gives less credence to heart and places more value on practical approach. I will leave the debate to youth, which claim to be an expert on this subject (joke, folks, joke) and leave you with these pensive thoughts about love in general. ***

February 14th is around the corner. We can’t escape hearing about it. I don’t know if Valentine’s Day is necessary for expressing and celebrating ‘love.’ Before we can even think of expressing love, don’t we have to understand what ‘love’ means in the first place? In this special, I tried to bring a philosophical view point on what it means by “love.” Whether you agree with my take  or not, after listening to this you might say, “Hmmm. That is interesting. ”

Lost in Desert: Here is the link to the poll I conducted as a part of this show. The poll essentially asks the following:

A couple and their 7 year old son are lost in the midst of a desert in mid summer. They are on foot. No water, no food and nary a person to help them. They continued their trek for two days with the hope of finding some food and help. As they begin losing their senses, the adults started blaming each other for their situation. The only thing kid is saying is “I am thirsty. I am hungry.” And he is refusing to walk along. They they found a bottle with one gulp of water and piece of bread good for one bite. The persons who don’t get that food and drink are expected to die.

How would you behave in this situation?

The results of the poll, is shown in part 2 of this post: What is Love (2 of 2)?

Audio Language: Telugu

Link for smart phones and downloads: What is Love (1 of 2)?

Click on the play button to play in your browser:



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