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Posted by on Feb 15, 2010 in Interviews, TG Roundup

“Who are We as Telugu People?” Nalamotu Chakravarthy (1 of 3)

Kaakateeya Gate

February 9th, 2010 marks the third anniversary of Mohana Muralee GaanaLahari.

Who are we as Telugu people? What are our origins? What are ups and downs in our history? Where did we come from and where have we been? For a while I wanted to cover I wanted to do a show on this topic. I have some knowledge on this subject but it does not measure up to that of Nalamotu Chakravarthy. He was kind enough to participate on the 3rd anniversary show of MMGL to talk to the listeners about this exact subject.

In this first part of a three part series, Chakravarthy and I talked about how “Andhras” is not a bad word as some hate-mongering Telangana separatists have been  projecting. In fact, all Telugu speaking are Andhras – not just people from coastal Andhra Pradesh. Telangana is a name given to the land of Andhras by  Muslim rulers.

This chit-chat covered a bit on Satavahanas, Brahma Naidu, and Kakateeyas. If you ask me, this is a must listen podcast for every Telugu person.

Broadcast date on TeluguOne Radio: 2010-02-12

Audio language: Telugu

Link for download/smart phones: Who we are as Telugu people (1 of 3)

Click on the play button below to listen to this podcast in your browser:


  1. Financials made US strong; financials will destroy US as well.

  2. I have heard your interview with mohana murali garu.thenI went your blog my telugu roots and read excerpts from your book. after reading this I felt sad that this information about us telugu people how will it reach the hundreds of people who are participating in the agitation following the power hungry people like a flock of sheep. the students especially who are destroying their lives and careers. the people leading them will not share this kind of information with them. most of them do not have access to internet and blogs. those who have will not heed to this kind of information because it will come in their path to power. it is a vicious circle .

  3. The words Telangana / Rayalaseema are few hundread years old and name Andhra is cited in Eithreya Brahman which mentioned for the first time the word ANDHRA more than thousand years back. This was one of the evidence points used for argument for declaring and giving TELUGU Ancient Language status on par with TAMIL and SANSKRIT- Thus Telugu got the status in 2008 declared by Govt of India –

    Those Andhras under Muslim ruled state of Nizam are Telangana people and the
    people in the distrcits given by Nizam to british and under Vijaya nagar Empire are Rayalaseema people – Let us all declare that we are all andhras and no matter fight for separate state 2 or 3 parts – We all can progress even together or as separate states

    Also It is more logical to call people of 3 regions as Telangana Andhras, Coastal Andhras, Rayalaseema Andhras and all telugu people are Andhras and those who have any doubt please read the ancient Telugu History books –

    Unfortunately media is playing major negative role and spreading wrong signals and provoking all telugu people and the politicians are misleading the people for their own benefit – I am certain no politician is interested in Either Telangana or Samaikya Andhra – They are only playing with lives of innocent students

  4. “Telangana” probably means “Place of Telugu people”

  5. Npw a days also in coastal Andhra muslims will call the telugu people as “TELANGA”, since the particular area of telugu people were ruled by muslims, the muslims used to call the area as a telangana, which is the name given to telugu area by muslims, it is not differentiating among the the telugu people. Because muslims were having many areas in their state of Nizam viz. kannada, marathi, and telugu. Hence telugu area was named as telangana, not difference between telugu people.

  6. Ismail garu, Thanks for the insight! Welcome to TeluGlobe.


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