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Posted by on Mar 26, 2011 in Arts, Interviews, TG Roundup

Mohana Murali Interviews Manchu Lakshmi: 2 of 2

Posted: March 26, 2011

Here is the interview you have all been asking me to upload for the last several days. I have added a 5 min response to the criticism at the end of part two of the interview.

The interview was conducted on March 9, broadcast on TORi on March 11 – 2011

Audio language: Telugu and English


  1. Dear Mohan garu,
    I appreciate your effort to bring the topic of Manchu Lakshmi’s Telugu speaking style during your interview with her. I want to bring to your attention about what I think on the response she gave to you.
    I was born in Andhra Pradesh, I lived in Chennai city for almost 12 years of my life. I bet no Tamilian will believe that I am from AP listening to my
    tamil. The reason is I learned Tamil and spoke Tamil like Tamil. This lady has taken same effort or more effort to speak US English as is spoken here in US. When she says that she likes to speak telugu as the way she likes I would say that she is doing a great insult to the language. We have so many people in Telugu film industry who come from other languages and still they speak very good Telugu. I don’t think I should mention there names here. Everyone knows them. That means they have respect towards our language. If this lady was born in Chennai and says that she writes Telugu in Hindi and speaks like English, I definitely feel that this is a great insult.
    For a person like you, when you say that you love the language, you should have no reason to back off on her reply about the way she likes to speak Telugu, which she herself told you. I don’t think you should allow any one to insult your language in your show sitting in front you and teaching you how to interview a person without backing off on what you want to ask. I am sorry if I had hurt you by writing so. I felt bad to listen when she said this is the way she want to speak Telugu adding to that she says that those who likes her Telugu should see her shows and others many not … is not the proper way in my thought.
    thanks again.

    • I agree 100% with Rajesh. I want to ask her if she’d have been well respected if she had spoken her english in telugu or tamil accent in her so called “holywood” stint. I don’t think so.

  2. Thanks Mohan garu for trying to implant the truth that Telugu need to be talked like Telugu but it seems that she is too adamant to admit and only justifies.
    I bet, she is going to learn the hard way to speak Telugu right.

    The purpose of your show is to encourage AP people to continue to talk Telugu and talk it right!

    Interview maatram mast undhi!!!

  3. I like Mrs.Lakshmi’s Confidence.

  4. Self defense is a basic human instinct and that is exactly what Lakshmi has done. Even Mohangaru has provided his point of view while defending his interview style.

    Coming to her telugu accent, it is evident from her words that she is making a deliberate attempt to retain her accent. She has worked hard to learn that accent/diction to carve a niche for herself in Hollywood. Anyone in her shoes would do the same.

    What about those overstylish desi guys who put up a false accent after staying overseas for just a couple of yrs? And few so called telugu heroines who don’t know even a single telugu word? We seem to be pretty okay accepting them.

    Ultimately at the end of the day, Lakshmi is a business woman trying to make some profit and gain popularity. Any kind of publicity is good publicity for her show. People who don’t like her should probably stop watching her show and move on.

  5. lakshmi said , she was brought up in chennai and she first learnt tamil.But trust me , she will also kill tamil as she killed telugu while speaking.She is a women who can never take criticism. She is in her mid 30s and behaves as if she is in early 20s and calls everyone as uncles and aunties including soundarya who is just 5yrs older to her

  6. ..e maataku a maata,she stumped u at the end mohan garu,her interviews are casual…just like urs…not as formal as other interviews….