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Posted by on Aug 9, 2011 in Arts, Interviews, TG Roundup

Mohana Murali Interviews Legendary Dancer Smt L. Vijayalakshmi 2 of 2

L Vijayalakshmi in Bhabruvaahana

In this part 2 of my interview with Smt. L Vijayalakshmi, we talked about her role in Gundamma Katha. She also talked about her experiences with legends like KV Reddy, NTR, ANR, MGR, SV Raga Rao, Chakrapani and Nagi Reddy.

Audio Language: Telugu and English

Date of Broadcast on TORi: 2010-Oct-22


  1. Thank you so much Mohan garu…My mother is a big fan of L Vijaya Lakshmi garu..she always watches her dances..I m going to gift this conversation to my mom on her birthday which is on 29th August. I am really loved it…thanks once again.

    • Lakshmi,
      You are welcome. I did the interview more for myself and then I shared it with the world. šŸ™‚

  2. Whenever I saw Vijayalakshmi gari dance I will be in TRANCE. Really admiarable movements and grace of her body.. awesome. Thank you very much Mohan ‘Garu, introduced such a beautiful legendary…”HALA MEMU VINNADI NIZAMA ?”

  3. Mohan Garu, Thanks for posting this podcast. I really loved listening to it.