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Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Arts, Interviews, TG Roundup

MMGL Interview with Padmabhushan Smt. P Susheelamma 2 of 2

Mohan’s Log, December 22, 2010: I was fortunate to meet with Smt. P Susheela and interview her for the Legends with TORi feature on Dec 21, 2010. On Dec 20, The day started with a surprise and then turned eventful. The surprise was that I unexpectedly met a number of senior officials of TANA at Hyderabad Airport (Sorry – I cannot bring myself to call it so-and-so airport.) After we landed in Chennai, we got stuck in traffic – in near standstill conditions – for 3 hrs.

On Dec 21st, we were to try our brand new technical experiment – connect her to her worldwide fans via a TORi Live show. Due to poor internet availability, the experiment failed. We ended up recording the interview on camera. With all that stress, I am not sure how this interview turned out. I guess it is OK.

The audio of this interview was broadcast on the MMGL show on Jan 7, 2011. This is part 2 of that two part interview.

[A video of this interview should be available shortly on YouTube]

Broadcast date on TORi: Jan 7, 2011

Audio Language: Telugu