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Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in Interviews, TG Roundup, మోహనమురళీ గానలహరి (MMGL)

MMGL Interview with Kandukuri Ramesh Babu (Part 1 of 2)

Full Podcast: Part 1 of 2

His profile reads:

My name is Kandukuri Ramesh Babu. I am a journalist by profession and writer by choice, lives in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh, India. I took master degree in MA English literature in the year 1994, earlier took up teaching as my profession but my real life ambition was to become a writer. So I quit my job as a lecturer and joined in Journalism in the year 1996.

During my tenure in journalism, I realized that instead of feature writing, life writing is the need of the hour and being a responsible Journalist, took-up this endeavor as a mission and started writing on the unsung heroes in detail since 2001. You know, Journalism is called literature in hurry but that itself satisfied my creative hunger in the beginning and paved me a way to become a writer of my own kind i.e. Ordinarology.

I believed that each man is worth a book by himself and felt that at first, some essays to be written as preface to their lives. Later I could work on their life in a big way. With this idea, I have concentrated all my energies into writing and since 2003, began publishing books one by one.

You know, I never see my activity as mere profession but realized that it is my life activity and have been enriching day by day. That is why I could see these people’s activity so special and saying that each man worth a book. They appear ordinary but physically, psychologically and spiritually they are sound. Each one is unique in his thoughts and deeds. They have their own philosophy in life. And you know, they are majority in the society but ignored in the mainstream media. And each story thought me a lesson and I became one for the common man. Inspired by their selfless work, generosity and the values they strive, I enlarged my canvas to portray their life with a lot of passion and dedication. That is why I have written and published twelve books so far and still working to publicize their existence with much more vigour.

As I said, I began my career as a trainee reporter and in fourteen years of tenure in the field of Journalism, I have worked for print and electronic media, now grown into the position of a special correspondent for television channels in my area of interest. I have produced two important reality shows, one for NTV (Mee Jayasudha) in 2008 and another for Sakshi TV (Sakshi salam) in 2009-10 besides writing books. And you know, the content of these TV programmes was nothing but the importance of the ordinary beings, their immense contribution in shaping the modern India. Of course, now I have resigned to the Sakshi TV and working on a book that deals with the life and times of the celebrated photo-journalist Raghu Rai.

Listen to one of the most fascinating conversations that happened on MMGL. While you are listening, you might want to stay tuned to this

Prof. Mohan introduced Kandukuru to the listeners of Tharanmedia via an interview in March 2013. You can listen to the podcasts of full and parts of that interview at by clicking here. In that interview, listeners were touched by the story of Vijaya, whom the author describes as a fighter. You can read the story of Vijaya and many more like her by downloading this book “Kolla Mangaram, and a Few Others.”

While the download has no strings attached. We hope you like the author’s work and his quest to introduce greatness among common people to us. If you do, please consider contributing towards his next project: publication of a book on a world famous photographer Raghu Rai. cover page of kolla mangaram and few  others

Raghu Rai

Photographer Raghu Rai

Towards Kandukuru Ramesh Babu’s next book project on the life of famous photographer Raghu Rai. The Contributors will receive an autographed copy of the book after release in May 2013.