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Posted by on Jan 29, 2011 in Podcasts, Specials, TG Roundup

Jonnavithula’s “My Telugu”

**** Bringing Sri Jonnavittula’s “My Telugu” back to focus *********

With this rendering of “Naa Telugu” from his book Telugu Vedam, Sri Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao got Mohana Muralee GaanaLahari (MMGL) audiences spell-bound . In this podcast Jonnavittula sings about the greatness of Telugu spoken in various regions of Andhra Pradesh.

In UttaraAndhra version, he elicits the influ5ence of great people of UttaraAndhra (Gurajaada, Gidugu RamaMurthy, SriSri, Kodi Rama Murthy, Alluri etc) on the language. If you are from Bobbili, you have to listen to the way he brings the roar of the Bobbili pride.

In the Telangana version, he narrates the greatness of places in the region and its influence on the language. Raayalaseema’s great sons – Annamaya and Uyyaalavaada, and the sweet dish bobbattu and the poetic swirls in Tungabhadra river get a delightful mention.

If you have already listened to it, you will listen to it again and again.

If you haven’t yet listened to it, why are you still reading?

Audio Language: Telugu


  1. Its awesome,So much great.

  2. Thanks a lot for bringing this master piece of an interview. This will remain as one of your best.


  3. Jonnavittula gari kavita chala chala bagundi. Thanks to Mohan for bringing such an excellent program.

  4. meeru maree american ayi poyaru Bhanu. Pizza meda karige cheese kakapothe, vedi vedi annam lo neyyi ante bagundedi. 🙂 great show mohan mastaru.

    • We need to american food to make it relevant :). How about Avakaya on top of melting cheese on a Pizza ? His pronunciation of the words is as strong as the mustard in Avakaya and his singing tone is like smooth melting cheese.

  5. Mohan Garu,
    Dhanyavadamulu. Pizza meeda karige cheese laga vundandi Jonnavittula gari Vagdhati. Romanchitam ga vundi vari gontu. It wil not be an exagarration to say we lost perspective on the Telugu.
    More programs with Jonnavittula garu please.