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Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 in Fake News, Podcasts, Specials, Talent, TG Roundup

(Podcast) Encounter with Shopping Subbarao

**** Just reposting this popular podcast from a year ago – in case you’ve missed it earlier *****

I have already posted the script of my fake encounter with the fictional Shopping Subba Rao in an earlier post. Call this work crooked social commentary or comedy – Kanaka Prasad and I were correct in thinking that Shopping Subbarao is going to strike a nerve. If the opportunity comes, I will explain the motivation behind this skit. But, as I mentioned in a reply to one of the comments, let me emphasize a couple of things here:

  1. Not only Telugu people – a lot of 2nd generation and later Americans (regardless of race and ethnic background) do these things. Don’t you remember Claude Allen – a senior official in the Bush administration, who had to resign due to shoplifting charges? His antics are also in this play.
  2. As I said, there is some self criticism here. Just read between the lines.

There is nothing wrong in trying to better ourselves with some introspection. If I am hated for speaking the truth – so be it.

As requested by many, I am posting the audio podcast of this skit a bit earlier than usual.

Original broadcast date:  Aug 13 Friday, 2010

Audio language: Telugu


  1. Mohan Garu,
    ahahaha! Its excellent! you performed very well. Keep doing it.

  2. కిందటి వారం రేడియో లో విన్నాను. చాలా బాగుంది మోహన్ గారు. తెలుగ్లోబు లో కూడా పెట్టినందుకు కృతఙ్ఞతలు – ఇప్పుడు దీనిని మరింత మంది విని appreciate చెయ్యగలుగుతారు.

  3. If you let me know who is Subba Rao in that crowd, I just want to touch his feet as a sign of my reverence! This is just hilarious.

    For those who are unable to understand this funny, self-deprecating story, I don’t think you need to offer the explanation. I don’t think they can understand satire.