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Posted by on Sep 24, 2011 in Education, Podcasts, TG Roundup

Education vs Degree and the Virtuous Cycle of Good Institutions

What is education? Does getting a degree means one got education? How do we acquire knowledge? Through curriculum? Professors? Learning environment? Our own motivation? What makes some institutions great? Why do students from certain institutions come out as the best? What is the virtual cycle of education (per my definition)? Take a listen.

విద్య అంటే ఏమిటి? పట్టా పొందటం విద్య సంపాదించడమేనా? విద్య ఎలా అబ్బుతుంది మనకు? పాట్యాంశాల ద్వారానా?  ప్రొఫెస్సొర్స్ ద్వారానా? సహ విద్యార్ధుల ద్వారానా? స్వయంకృషి తోనా? కొన్ని విద్యా సంస్థల నుండి వచ్చిన విద్యార్ధులకు ఎక్కువగా  అవకాశాలు ఎందుకొస్తాయి? అసలు విద్యాసంస్థల గొప్పదనానికి మూల కారకులు ఎవరు?
ఇవి ప్రశ్నలు. సమాధానాలకు, ఈ  సంభాషణలు వినండి.

Broadcast dates on TORi; Sept 8, Sept 9; 2011

Audio language: Telugu


  1. This is one of those chick first or Egg first dilemma. Good topic to ponder though. To me Education is not Avocation. One who is serious about education must have the inquisitive nature and committment to persevere while an Avocation is optional by design. That said, there are instances where great leaders & entrepreneurs came out of smaller universities however, may not be at the same rate or numbers as the elite universities. Since the elite schools’ barriers of entry being so high, they tend to attract the cream of the crop in a society who are by virtue more motivated to learn and are inquisitive. With their strong foundations and finances, the elite schools can afford to provide more rich and diverse learning environment with all tools and resources to the motivated albeit its all “self-learning” mostly because the faculty is focused more on research/grants etc. Obviously the best come out and give back in kind to the alma mater as they succeed in life. This is a virtuous cycle that breeds on itself. Bottomline, if the student is not motivated or he/she does not have the inate curiosity and inquisitive nature no amount of professing will get the best out of them let alone making them extremely successful in life akin to a fully confident highly motivated grad from the elite or any school. Lastly, I think the motivation to be the best student shall not be what job they can land or how much they can make. The true and lasting motivation is the self-worth and confidence instilling learning environment for the motivated and inquisitive mind.

    • Well said.