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Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in Mobile, Podcasts, TG Roundup, మోహనమురళీ గానలహరి (MMGL)

Downloading and Synchronizing MMGL Podcasts (Free) via iTunes


The other day I asked one caller on how he is accessing podcasts posted on TeluGlobe. It appears that he is listening to them directly using the web browser via TeluGlobe site. This is a good way. The trouble with this is older episodes cannot be seen immediately unless you seek older posts or do a search.

There is a better way. Download all MMGL episodes to your iTunes library and then synch them to your mobile iPxxxx device. Here is a surprise video podcast for you which shows how to do it.









1 Comment

  1. Mohan garu,

    Just if we search in iTunes for MMGL episodes, I did all Teluglobe Podcast in the search results. From there I did see all MMGL podcasts(free). Very nice way to listen to you.