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Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in Podcasts, Specials

Caller Lakshmi on Telangana and Andhra (restored)

Divide-and-rule has been a time tested political strategy. Dividing the political opponents to win my be a clever political tactic, but dividing the public based on caste, religion, race and region is a despicable strategy. Pitting one citizen against other based on their origin or birth is not just wrong, but it should be a crime. We always have thermometers to measure the temperature of a patient with fever. Do we have a hate-meter to measure hatred in individuals? May be there isn’t. This caller, Lakshmi’s (real name and her place of residence were edited for her protection) gives you some measure of that hatred spread by the politicians. Ordinary people going about their lives are led to believe that they are being robbed by people from other parts of the country.

As I mentioned in the intermediate commentary, I do not take anything she said personal. I believe that she was led to believe that people from one region are “evil” (my word). Nor do I see anything wrong in wanting a separate Telangana state based on legitimate arguments. But I have a serious issue with hate and hate-mongers. I blame this level and intensity of hatred on the hate-mongers run-a mock in the name of a separate Telangana.

I beg all the moderates, especially those moderates who are seeking Telangana state not based on hate, but only based on peaceful arguments, to speak against the leadership of the movement who are are spreading hatred. Please stop this hate. After all, these extremist elements  who are claiming to represent the people of Telangana are bringing nothing but bad name to the people of Telangana.

There has been a very spirited response to this caller on the Jan 8, 2010 show. I will make those bit available for download later this week.

Before reacting to this audio bit, please listen to:

  1. TeluguOne and MMGL Editorial Policy
  2. Who is this Mohana Murali?

Original MMGL Broadcast date: Jan 8, 2010

Last edited for commentary inserts: Jan 10, 2010

Link for smart Phones: Caller Lakshmi on Telangana and Andhra

Post restored: Jan 17, 2010

[I made my point about the harsh rhetoric behind Caller Lakshmi’s message. I am leaving the text of this message as it is, but pulling out the audio. To continue to leave the audio here perhaps doesn’t serve any purpose other than inciting further resentment among people. I am doing so on my own, as a responsible citizen. Nobody has asked me or requested me to do so.
Furthermore, leaving it here will perhaps make this site more popular. That is a kind of popularity I would rather not embrace.
– Mohan, January 18, 2010.]
Update on February 17, 2010: After I took the audio of this call and my response off-line a month ago, I received several requests to release this audio. But I resisted releasing it, for, I did not want to further resentments to grow among people of the two regions. In doing so, perhaps I am naive and idealistic, or I am overestimating the influence of a small audio bit posted in this tiny corner of internet. I see the vile hatred that is being propagated in the name of Telangana by some over-zealous elements, any amount of antidote is useful in thwarting those elements. So, I changed my mind and releasing the audio again.


  1. I missed some of your programs….Did you answer her question regarding why you generalized all those supporting telagana as some one who just did computer coerces with out any knowledge in history?
    you are intelligent enough to know there are merits to separate telangana argument, but you were quick enough in kasaiah interview to generalize, Also even though it was not an interview you tend to put words in the mouth of some one u are talking with… If you don’t agree with me listen to what you did when you were talking with kasaiah regarding what Nehru said in Nizamabad meeting. 🙂

  2. Boss,
    I feel sorry for you.. . I mean your trying to convey good message and people are taking it wrong way.. I am so suprised to see educated folks are reacting this way.. No wonder we never grow.. we try to pull each other whether its right or wrong.. just we go by our so called EGO’s. if she has any sense..she should n’t be talking like that.. so if separate state is formed.. then all her issues will be resolved? it will be much more mess.. Its so sad.. in the end we are loosers.. see now no Business will get started in Hyd.. and we lost IPL.. some one can say what’s Big deal.. yes its not big deal for people sitting here and earning in $.. but its big deal for people who depend on business generated from those kind of events.. right from a Snack seller to Even organiser.. nope.. we don;t care about them..we care about our EGO’s.. we don;t want to know history or facts.. all we care about is our EGO’s . more like Mana maate Neggali ani.

    God bless these kind of people.. !! I hope she will not be in position ever that she is going to ask for any help from andhra people.

    • Hi,

      she might have faced problems from andhra people.if any bad experience happens with some body people respond like this only.there is no matter of educated or not. but on thing i can say regional feeling is better than cast feeing(which dominated in andhra region).
      why educated people are sticking to cast?

  3. Mohan gaaru,

    Aa roju porgram lo caller laxmi gaaru emannaaru nenu miss ayyaanu. Next day program repeat lo kuda adi miss ayyaanu. If possible could you please share the audio converstaion. Pls put audio…..


  4. Mohan gaaru,

    Aa roju porgram lo caller laxmi gaaru emannaaru nenu miss ayyaanu. Next day program repeat lo kuda adi miss ayyaanu. If possible could you please share the audio converstaion.