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Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in Markets, Podcasts, TG Roundup

Bill Fleckenstein on Heath Care, Fed Printing and More

Question: How do you solve alcohol addiction?
Answer: Give the addict heroine!

Don’t laugh – this is the solution of the US Federal Reserve Board for more than two decades. Bill Fleckenstein is a savvy investor, fund manager and an analyst. A decade ago, I had the pleasure of interacting with him on Silicon Investor bulletin boards. Bill is as sharp as ever. I agree with almost all the things he said in this interview for a podcast with Wall Street Cheat Sheet. Here Bill talks about healthcare, fed printing, Greece, commercial real estate.

If you listen to Bill, you will notice that I pretty much echoed similar sentiments on my March 29th show. However, Bill is more eloquent and succinct.

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