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Posted by on Feb 27, 2010 in  Other, Lifestyle, TG Roundup

Using Kensington’s Car Mount as a Kitchen Aid

[Via – Unplggd]

Our new apartment has some pretty archaic kitchenware. So old, we can’t quite figure out how to use the timer on the oven. While we could just look at the clock and determine how long something needs to be on the stovetop or in the cooker, we tend to get distracted easily and realize only too late that we’ve been cooking for too long. In order to keep from burning all our meals we now use an iPod Touch and a car mount.

Car mount? Yup. We got one to test out GPS mobile phones in our car, only to find out that sticking a car mount to your windshield is illegal in California and we don’t have the correct vents to attach the vent mount (our car is as old as our kitchen). So, we started to think, how else can we use this thing. One day, while struggling in the kitchen it came to us, lets attach this to our kitchen vent.

We used Kensington’s Windshield/Vent Car Mount, which has a suction mount that uses a latch to make sure it’s on properly. The cradle pivots so you can look at your iPhone or iPod in either the vertical or horizontal mode.

We downloaded a free kitchen timer from the iTunes app store, popped our Touch into the cradle and voilà we have a timer that’s at eye level, where we need it.

You could also use this combo to look up recipes online, though you’ll have to blow up type pretty big to be able to read and you may be hesitant to touch scroll when you’re hands are dirty. Or if you have an iPhone, you could use the mobile’s speakerphone mode and the Kensington’s audio amplifying design to have moms walk you through your fave recipe.

(Images: Soniaz)

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