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Posted by on Mar 28, 2010 in  Other, Lifestyle, TG Roundup

TG Tip: Mail CDs in a Milk Carton

[Via – Unplggd]

Most of the time, we use email or online services to get digital files from one place to another. But sometimes—like after your best friend’s wedding when she asks you to send her every. single. picture. you took at her wedding—you’ve just got to snail mail a CD. Wish we’d known about this simple hack.

Using a milk or juice carton, you can make a sleeve that will help to keep a CD from breaking in the mail. Stick this hacked CD sleeve inside another envelope or just stick a mailing label and stamp right on the carton!

After you’ve found and cleaned a milk or juice carton, follow these steps to create a sturdy and cheap CD mailer:

  1. Cut around the bottom of the carton, keeping the four “walls” connected, until the base falls off. do the same thing for the top.
  2. Flatten the box down to a flat pack. Depending on the size of the carton, the CD should slip inside.
  3. Cut the length of the flat carton down so it’s more like a square, leaving a triangular “lip” that will fold over to seal our sleeve. Cut a slit on the opposite side to slide the lip into.
  4. Seal the bottom of the sleeve with tape or—as the hacker at BCome did—with a quick stitch of the sewing/serger machine.

…And voila! Instant (and cheap!) CD mailer!


  1. asale idi gaddu kaalam, konchem USPS ni brataka nivvandi mastaru!

  2. How about using some free FTP services instead of sending mail?