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Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in  Other, Lifestyle, TG Roundup

TG Tip : How To Remove Unwanted Stickers Using a Hairdryer

Here is a nice chemical-free option for removing the most stuck on stickers. It comes in handy if you’d like to remove a logo sticker from something to give it more clean design. As a bonus, all you need is a hairdryer! The heat from the hairdryer relaxes the heavy duty commercial adhesives that hold on the stickiest of stickers.

What You Need



1. With your hairdryer on its hottest setting, aim at the sticker you’d like to remove and fire away.

2. After 45 seconds of direct heat, test a corner of the sticker and see if it peels away easily. If it doesn’t, continue the hairdryer treatment for another 45 seconds or so.

3. Peel off the sticker. For larger stickers, you may need to work in sections. Just peel off the sticker until you feel resistance and then apply more heat to the remaining sticker.

4. Enjoy your sticker-free product!

[Source – Apartment Therapy]