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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in  Other, Lifestyle, TG Roundup, Youth

An Anonymous Broken Heart’s Pain

Some time ago, I rambled this about the concept called “love”:

How does it feel like to be in love? For that matter what is love? Is love a tangible thing or an abstract idea? Is love merely a self reinforcing feeling where liking and/or attraction become strong and turned into something inexplicable, and therefore you love? I don’t know the answer to that,  but I do know this for sure: love is beyond simple physical attraction. Whatever may be its final manifestation, love germinates from an inexplicable liking to an idea, a thought about the person it is targeted at….

I am not completely closed to the idea, but I am not a believer in love stories ending in “happily ever after.” To me, there is only one thing certain about love – it can cause a lot of pain – tremendous pain. Here is a proof. I took this call on my May 13th show. The caller wanted to be anonymous. The woman he loved was getting married in India as he was speaking to me. He was struggling for words. But came from the deep and thick pain he was enduring was classic poetry. (A very well written and heart-felt kavitha).

Call him a bhagna premika, or a loser or whatever you want to call him, but take a listen and feel his pain – it is real. I wish him all the best.

Edited 5:45 PM, May 23:

In case you are wondering why I posted this call in a public forum, once it was aired on MMGL, it is no longer a private conversation. My read is that the caller wanted the world to know about his pain. I think that he got solace from sharing it to the world by calling a live show. I also think that he wants the woman to know how he felt. You might ask, “If she eventually finds out through this forum, what good does it do?” I don’t know the answer to that. But I do honestly believe that nobody controls anybody’s destiny.

Air date: May 13, 2011

Language: Telugu


  1. Mohan garu,
    I listened to it live. Looks like he probably didn’t have folks around him to support. Normally family, friends even colleagues can become a support system for most. But he choose TORi to share his pain , which , IMO, shows that the program has mature listeners who cares. I hope he takes it in positive note and realizes that a bigger life awaits him.

  2. I feel very sad for both of them for not able to get marry and be together.. I don’t like whatever the reasons..
    I feel pity for the spouses whom they are marrying…Imagine their life living with someone whose heart is somewhere else?But what can we do except livign in the compromise for someone or something..

  3. He is definatley not a looser.I really pitty for the girl who lost such a great guy.I hope this episode of his life will remain as a sweet pain for him and move on.I wish him ALL THE BEST for his future.

    Some where Some one is made for you i wish that someone will come before you as soon as possible and fill your life with colors.

  4. కదిలించే కథ.

    తన గొంతులో వొణుకు చెబుతోంది – సంబరాలు చేసుకుంటున్నానని చెబుతున్నది అబద్ధమని.
    తెలియదని కాదు కాని, జీవితంతో సాగిపోవడమే మన పని.

  5. He is one good sample of lover. He still loves and wish her a bright future. I don’t think he is loser. I can say she miss the golden opportunity which she can’t get in life.
    I wish him a good life. And a very good life partner who can share more love to him.

    I know surely he get it. As what ever you give to others you deffinetly get it back from some one else.

    • 5 years without her and still counting the years that passes alone… Some say that love fades away with time… For me, it grew only exponentially with time… I feel like a part of me gone missing and I have no idea how I ever existed before I met her… Proud and happy to have such a Love… Wish everyone else to have a happy ending!!! Rejoice every moment in Love and treasure it as it will not be same and complete again… It might just be a compromise which is far worst than living alone… Trust me, I chose the latter…
      -Sanjayitha Lover…