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Posted by on Jan 23, 2011 in Opinion, Technology, TG Roundup

Take Better Photographs by Studying an Egg

Understanding the way light falls on a subject and what it means for the final product is critical to taking good photos. This clever teaching technique uses an egg to help you hone your eye for good lighting.

Photographer Joe Edelman thinks you need to get back to basics to learn good photography lighting. How back to basics? Prepare to hit up your fridge for an egg and grab a flashlight.

Check out the video above to see how you can studying lighting using nothing more than an egg (or other small egg-like object) and a simple light source.

[Via – Lifehacker]

Original Article here


  1. I watched the video again and again. if you try to take some photographs like the way he explains, you will get what he mean. Imagine a cube in place of egg and visualize how the light changes. My2c

  2. is he serious on what he says? light and shadow obviously change if you change light source position, he is saying that happens only with egg and not with any other object?
    I ain’t a photographer, but still I couldnt leave without comment for the waste of time I did by watching this.