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Posted by on Feb 21, 2010 in Opinion, TG Roundup

Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, B.Tech (incomplete)

Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, IT Minister of Andhra Pradesh, has been proclaiming himself as a B.Tech graduate from CBIT. Well, he is not. He joined CBIT to pursue civil engineering in 1982 and was a student until 1990. Even in 1990, he did not clear all his subjects and never obtained a degree.

There is nothing wrong in pursuing a degree for that long. But it is definitely wrong to claim himself as an engineer when in fact he is not. The issue takes more prominence as the person in question is an MLA and a cabinet minister.

In a TV9 interview, when asked whether he was indeed an engineer or not his answer was “I wrote the backlogs and due to being busy with business consignments and politics, I forgot about them”. The who-is-who published by the 13th legislative assembly also identifies Komatireddy Venkat Reddy as an engineer. When asked about whether he should have requested for a correction, his answer was “I forgot”.

Even the previous chief minister, Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy, chose him for jalayagnam consultations based on his qualifications. When all other parties were choosing engineers to represent them, Komatireddy was chosen by YSR to represent congress. When somebody who has this type of credentials is involved in consultations for a project as prestigious as jalayagnam, we should definitely be worried. He was also appointed as the IT minister by YSR solely because he was an engineer.

It is evident that he has been fooling everybody about his qualifications. Unfortunately, even now the state government will not take any action against him. He continues to be the IT and Sports minister of Andhra Pradesh.


  1. Bluffing is bluffing. Folks do make mistakes in life. The issue is people won’t talk about it unless the stakes are high. No one bothers about that crazy hospital in Kenya which some delusional republicans claims the birth place of OBAMA. IT became the issue only after BHO got the nomination.For serious things folks want an honest and capable person as their leader in any country. I would love to see other news papers follow this direction and dig the politicians backgrounds.
    Its just cracking me that the other guy Dubbaka Narsimha Reddy now says the exams were not written by Venkat Reddy, my tummy is hurting now :). Speaking of Mohan gari comments, “we are accepting a substandard society with liars and cheaters controlling our lives” , I think the society indeed is accepting such things. Actually the majority in the society probably thought Mr Reddy as a real smart guy who got away with his degree unchecked. Have you guys seen the movie 3 Idiots ? That Chanchad character should have been played by our Venkat Reddy.

    • Whoa Whoa… I just thought he was just an MLA. He is the IT minister!!!!!!!!!!!! IT Minister with no degree!!!!!!!!!!!!

      gee whiz!!!

      • Mohan Garu,
        Oh well, he tried to pass the exams for 10 plus years , you can’t blame the guy for trying 🙂 ,
        And that other guy saying someone else wrote for him on the very few subjects he passed , LMAO.

  2. ఇటువంటి వారిని మరల MLA కింద ఎన్నుకుంటే మానని మనం మోసం చేసుకున్నట్లే
    మీడియా రోల్ : యీరోజుల్లో జర్నలిజం లోపిన్చిన్దండానికి ఇటువంటి చేన్నల్స్ ఉదాహరణ

  3. @kanaka: You are correct. Mistake is always a mistake. But I am appalled at the way he tried to dodge these questions during the TV9 interview.

    @venkatesh: Yes. We should not support this.

  4. This is ridiculous.. no one appreciates this kind of activities.. even if it is resume submitter or a MLA…
    Do we get quality of work if we select these kind of resumes or ministers?
    If we support this.. then why police arresting the guys who give fake university certificates.. they also be correct…

  5. andhrajyothy just need a hot news and this is one another. Purpose of this news is clear, popularity. Lets question ourself, who many times we cooked our resumes with the technology that we never worked? If we think what we did is correct then this minister is correct. Doesn’t matter if he is serving the public. Mistake is always a mistake.

    • KP,

      I disagree. A lot of people “embellish” their accomplishments on resume. It is not the same as outright lying about the basic qualification itself. It all comes down to credibility. Would you go to a doctor who printed his degree and lied about his license? The answer is “No.” Would you go to the same doctor if he lied about something unrelated to his medical field but material enough for your trust? I would say, you won’t!

      Embellishment of accomplishments is acceptable as long as it doesn’t materially affect the primary job function. However, I for one condemn lying – any lying, whether it is related to the job or not. B. Tech or any other degree is not at all important for any politician. Why did he have to lie about this? Important for the job or not, they shouldn’t lie about it. The moment we say this is “Okay” we are accepting a substandard society with liars and cheaters controlling our lives.

      As with Andhra Jyothi – I don’t watch that channel at all. But, I think its piece on the Governor and this news item is good journalism. This man who has been lying about his degree all along, and how can anything he says or does is credible? I wouldn’t be surprised if his next line of defense is there is “Andhra” in the channel’s name, and they are attacking him because he is a Telangana supporter. As unbelievable as it may sound, some people will buy that crap.

      • Mastaru,

        I am not talking about embellishing the resume, I am talking about making a fake resume, fake experience and etc. I did read Andhra Jyothy news item and did listen to TV9 news scan program. Both the medias are highlighting the following fact, ‘With the fake degree, Komarireddy was sitting with engineers for Jalayagnam discussions’. I strongly believe that this is not good journalism. I don’t think both the medias are educating reader/viewers.

        My point was, a public servant bluffing vs software engineer bluffing are the same. We should just laugh at him and laugh at media.