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Posted by on Oct 2, 2011 in Opinion, TG Roundup

A New Article for For Registered User Only

Since I occasionally write articles on markets and individual stocks that have actionable tips (real or perceived) I have publicly stated on Sept 30, 2011, “Henceforth any article I write that has an actionable tip will be accessible only to the registered users of TeluGlobe.” This is done purely to protect temptation from novice investors to from temptation to act on my ‘tips.’ Of course, there is no guarantee that all registered users know what they are doing, but it will at least contain some potential damage due to aggressive and contrarian nature of my analysis.

Other disclosures:

  • I am an amateur investor
  • I don’t work for, or I never worked for any security firm (sell or buy side)
  • My sources are what are believed (by me) as authentic.
  • In the past I have been wrong several times and personally lost a lot of money acting on my own analysis.
  • Private articles are intended to restrict the access to fewer people who know me well enough to understand the risks
  • TeluGlobe doesn’t charge you anything for registering and do not have any plans to charge the users.

I just published my analysis on Apple stock: Is Apple About to Fall? You have to register on TeluGlobe to read it. To register, click here:

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