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Posted by on Jun 25, 2010 in TG Roundup, Worldwide

(Poll) Vuvuzela: What Thinks You?

The World Cup is literally abuzz with the vuvuzela.

The only thing that is African in this World Cup is South Africa’s own vuvuzela horn. It’s reminds me of the Chanks played by lead warriors in Hindu mythological movies.

What is your opinion on these African cultural icons descending on to the world stage?

This is meant to be for fun. Please – no heavy philosophical discussion! 🙂


  1. fun sounds good in a crowd

  2. +1 Bhanu garu. Awesome dvd to watch.

  3. Mohan garu,
    Its a simple tool to make loud noise and its ancient.
    As we know it about time Africa needs some recognition as the birthplace of humans. The first known human was from African who ended up all the way in Tamilnadu. There was a gene testing to prove this which I came across in the pbs program.

    If you haven’t seen the DVD already check it out