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Posted by on Oct 13, 2010 in Business, In The News, Mobile, Technology, TG Roundup

Windows 7 Phone

Folks, Microslowsoft finally released that Windows 7 phone. Well its not a phone its an operating system platform. Just like the Android. HTC,LG,Samsung and Dell , yup that PC maker Dell are the first original device manufacturers (ODMs) for the Windows 7 phone. Customers get 7 phones at the release time which is Novemeber 2010. See the below video for more details on the phone models.

Below video explains the features of the windows 7 phone.

Anyone interested ? I am not. However I would like to acquire one to get my paws on it. The platform needs its own TORI app if the user base grows. Though I doubt it :).

The most important thing is, Microsoft is spending up to half billion to promote this new platform.
Wow. That’s lot of money. Too many commercials

Here is the one of the early advertisement video.


  1. looks like it’s not a hit.

  2. got htc evo, didn’t like the device. Too big, sharp corners, blah blah. Returned. Got epic 4g. GPS issues. Reutrned and finally back to palm pre. I hardly used android for 4 days and I really missed webos and pre. I will wait for palm pre 2.

  3. KP garu,
    Et tu brutus ?

    Just FYI , I came back to Pre from Evo. Not sure you looked at today’s announcement, HP announced the WebOS 2.0 and Pre 2.
    The WebOS 2.0 will run circles around any OS. Yup, bring it on folks, the iPhones, the droids, the Dumbberrys and the Windoze.

    I am excited about the spec bump. It will be on par with iPhone 4 matching the 1GHz processor, 5 MP camera and Glass screen. I guess I can wait another four months for a bigger device.

    • Small correction – correct use of the phrase is: “et tu Brute?”

      • Gracius Senor.

  4. I think I’m done with webos and can experiment on win7. So switching to android. Getting epic tomorrow.