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  1. Hope, it will end this dumb topic and will give the time to the politicians complaining about this to concentrate on better things. Make a common man happy instead of filling your egos and pockets!!!!!!!!

    • Careful – we have a birther troll on this blog – he is KK. I wonder where the third K went! 🙂

      • lol .. i couldnt care less about his birth but I do care about how he conducts himself as a public figure.

  2. So, why now? Why did he just not do it years ago? Why did he spend so much money, effort and time to keep it secret? Got to ask .. why now?

    • Because much time is wasted now. On the contrary why these folks are raising this “now” ? is it because we are nearing another term ?

      The OPM (office of personnel management) checks everyone in public position. They verified the certificate long time back. If anything Fox news is running out of “News” so they want to create news.

    • You gotta be kidding me, birther!!!

    • HE DID. He gave the state of HI permission to release that info DURING his campaign, and THEY DID. There was even a copy posted at Snopes just because of that schmuck Orly Taites. But, the people who just wanted to hate him for the sake of hating him or his color, ignored it. INFACT, the document released by the state of Hawaii was the OFFICIAL CURRENTLY legally accepted document. The “long form certificate” is no longer considered the OFFICIAL legal document. The same thing is true for pretty much EVERY state. If you racists were expecting to use the issue as a good distraction, you’ve now created a great campaign tool for his re-election, by putting your racism front and center for the whole world to see!

  3. The country is at critical state and we don’t know (atleast me) if we are going to be retiring in graceful manner with proper medical care and the joy of children or their children not brought down on the country’s debt. And what kind of s*** these birthers are trying to hit the fan with? why most of media channels’ attention, time or energy have to spend on topics like these? I hope this thing will get extinguished now!

  4. They might pick a bone with that one too. I bet they will go after folks who were present at that time. You will see folks like doctors who worked there, nurses of the maternity department in that hospital talk on Fox News about not remembering suck a black kid being born there.