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Posted by on Jul 20, 2011 in Europe, TG Roundup, USA

News Corpse: An Apt Pun to Describe Fix ‘News’

Once again, Jon Stewart gives Fix News taste of their Own Medicine on his Jul 19th show. Cal Thomas on Fox: “The biggest case of piling on since the last rugby game I saw.” Jon picked from that moment and pounced. Jon contrasted Fox’s hysteric coverage of a comment made by NPR executive to virtual silence on the phone-hacking scandal at News Corp. This scandal started with the death of a 13-year old girl and the guy who blew the whistle was found dead. Scotland Yard Police, touted to the elitist of elite police forces in the world, said that the death is “not suspicious.” Do you think this disposition has anything to do with the fact that the Scotland Yard Police has also been implicated in the scandal? Nah! That would be for ‘conspiracy nuts.’ 🙂

At least two deaths, the Prime Minister of England being implicated, resignations en masse – including the resignation of several top level executives and even the Scotland Yard Police Chief, multiple arrests, etc etc. Yet, the Fix News idiots don’t think that this news is worthy of a mention on its ‘news’ shows. The only mention of this comes in the form of attacks on Fox by the left leaning media. Oh my God.. these guys have some nerve!