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Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in Society, TG Roundup, USA

Jon Stewart: World of Class Warfare – The Poor’s Free Ride Is Over


Look friends, I am no defender of welfare. By all means those able bodied who depend 100% on government welfare throughout their lives are parasites. But I can understand people falling on hard times getting a lift from the government as they try to get on their feet. There is nothing wrong if the underemployed surviving on paltry pay checks supplementing their pay with some social programs. It is a folly to assume that they will always stay that way. After all, 8 million jobs were lost since 2007. If you take an average household size of 2.5, that translates to 20 million people. Guess how many people were added to the food stamps roster since 2007. About 20 million. In the mean time, the real parasites in the banking sector and Wall Street not only faced no consequences for the economic calamity they caused, but also got to get give themselves bonuses over $200 bil in 2009 and 2010.

Jon did one of his best pieces last night on “class warfare.” Here are some quote nuggets from the video.

  • “It is all out war on the productive class in our society for the benefit of moocher class”
  • “the makers and the takers”
  • “parasites”
  • “racoons”

Huh! Not all $14T debt on the backs of 300 million people, was spent on public welfare! It was also spent on corporate welfare: military industrial complex, corporate bailouts, and tax breaks to companies that paid no taxes. The so called “productive class” got to be “productive” on the backs of the middle class. when you push nearly 20 million middle class people into welfare you have further widened the income gap. When you keep calling the middle class with pride with such names as “parasites” and rile against the only means of making ends meet, you are risking a revolution. As I said before, the only thing that stands as a buffer between the real leeches in the society and angry mobs with pitch-forks and torches, it is their food-stamps. There comes a point where swallowing the pride difficult for the middle class turned poor, the revolution is inevitable. If you don’t believe me, look up what happened in the 18th century French Revolution.
————- Part 1 ————


————- Part 2 ————

*** Update: These two videos are the most popular segments of TDS for the week and sure are destined to be some of the most popular segments by Jon. ****

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