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Posted by on Oct 7, 2011 in TG Roundup, USA, Videos

Jon Stewart: Sarah Palin’s Antics are in the “Nigerian Prince” Territory

I really feel sorry for those who believe Sarah Palin is anything more than an empty suite. I really do.

Have you noticed Sarah Palin’s childish attack on Chris Christie for getting all the attention from the press? Have you seen her calling “Herb” Cain as the “flavor of the month?”

IMO, she simply acts like a 4 year old who pushes her sibling when the sibling gets all the attention. She cannot take a joke on her. She cannot even recognize a joke when it is on her. She doesn’t even recognize that she herself is a joke. She is not only a bitter woman, she is also a fraud. Just two weeks ago she sent a fund rising letter – knowing fully well that she is not running. The letter clearly stated that she ‘might’ run for President.

In one of the best episodes of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart compares the half-Governor Sarah Palin’s antics related to fund raising in the name of “Presidential Run” to money laundering letters you receive in the name of a “Nigerian Prince.” Watch this hilarious episode on the sad story called Sarah.

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  1. I blame John McCain for bringing her to lime-light and accepting as his running mate in the first place. Ever since she thinks she is the most sought after politician by american people and media of course having their fodder.