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Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 in TG Roundup, USA

In the Great GOP Race for Greater Idiot the Latest Winner is: Herman Cain

First it was Dubya. Then came Sarah Palin to one up on W in “intelligence”. Not to be out done by Palin, Michelle Bachman jumped in and made Sara Palin look very smart. Enter Rick Perry and his infamous gaffes.

Herman Cain made all the above look incredibly smart compared to what he pulled today. Look at this interview by Cain. Just look at it! You would think that it would be hard to beat Sara Palin in number of degrees of plain old dumbness. Man, oh, man! Herman Cain, takes the cake in absolute ridiculousness. Oh, my. Look what has happened to the party of Lincoln!

I never thought that “I can see Russia from my front porch” may sound like a relatively better answer.

Zero Hedge absolutely nailed it:

So in the Perry aftermath, is everyone now going for the sympathy “I am just as big an idiot as Dubya” card, or are all Republican candidates seriously insane and/or raving, deranged lunatics? Will it seriously be that difficult to give Ron Paul a full body botox, cut off his frontal lobe, have him grope several women, promise to bomb someone or something, execute a few hundred illegal immigrants, and see him gain 200 extra pounds? Because if that is what it will take to make him “appeal” to the general Joe Sixpack, so be it: if America ends up with one of these other muppets it is doomed. Doomed.

My dear Repubclicore – listen to me! JUST LISTEN TO ME. We want our President to be smarter than all of us. Not dumber than the dumbest American. Those of you who are voicing support for the likes of Bachman, Perry, and Cain – jeez, guys! If you mean it when you say you love this country,  then stop insulting the intelligence of the voters by bringing these idiots on to the forefront of your party.


I now get it: These candidates are not dumb, nor are their supporters. They are waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of their times.


  1. Subbu garu
    You are right O is an idiot:
    Not to have Phd in finance from IV schools so he could understand the shady bail out deals Timmy & Hank Paulson had gave out to TBTF banks after the financial collapse.
    To have under estimated the stupidity of T Party loonies and the insanity of their supporters in the congress who refused to govern but succeeded as an ideal kindergarten class.
    To have believed that there still exists mature leaders within the republican party who aren’t in the grip of the cult leader called Rush.
    To have unwisely used up all his political capital on a single issue of healthcare earlier on.
    To have outsourced tactical aspects of major dealings to the seasoned idealogs -Pelosi & Reed which ensured the political bickering and brinkmanship and inaction on major legislations.
    To have a world outlook that is so alien and threatening to bible thumping gun touting joe six pack on the boonie street who doesn’t even know where his beer is made.
    I can go on and on but I also agree that there are idiots in both parties and even bigger idiot is the American voter who doesn’t participate in the democratic electoral process or support a third party. Look at the hardly 30% total votes casted compared to India where it’s usually above 70%.
    What’s your chief complaint about O??

  2. Yeah right. The biggest idiot of the world now lives in the WH and his deputy is a disaster when ever the guy opens his moth. Sure there are plenty of those idiots on the other side of the isle.