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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in TG Roundup, USA

GOP – the Party That Cried Wolf on Voter Fraud

The other day I focused a major segment of my show on the real voter fraud is the voter suppression efforts by GOP. To get there, GOP cried wolf. GOP is right. The wolf has always been there – it is the GOP itself. Via RLNews:

The GOP’s Underground Election Strategy
By Paul Rosenberg, Senior Editor, Graphic by Mathew Highland

For years now, Republicans have been working themselves up into a frenzy over the prospect of systematic electoral fraud.

The claim has always been sharply at odds with the recorded rarity of voter fraud cases, even under the eager eyes of the Bush administration. But now there’s an even bigger, more blatant problem with the accusation. In late September, news began spreading that a Republican consulting firm—working in dozens of states—was itself responsible for a widespread pattern of illegal activities, including surreptitiously destroying Democratic voter registration forms.

The consulting firm—originally known as Sproul and Associates, founded by former Arizona Republican Party state chairman, Nathan Sproul—has a long history of both barely legal and clearly illegal shenanigans, including similar past incidents of destroying voter registration forms. These date back as far as the 2004 elections, when Random Lengths first reported on their activities. Yet, when the news broke, Republican officials made a big show of shocked surprise, and quickly fired the firm—both at the state and national levels—only to have them rehired by unnamed entities to get out the vote. [more]

Another article on HuffPo:

Republican officials, who have used hysteria about alleged voter fraud as an excuse to support measures that disproportionately block Democratic voters, are furiously trying to distance themselves from a growing number of GOP voter registration drives that either submitted false applications or threw away authentic ones.

The incidents might have been overlooked if not for the GOP’s clamorous campaign to restrict registration drives, purge voter rolls, roll back early voting, and pass voter ID laws that opponents point out have the effect of depressing the vote among minorities, the poor and other generally Democratic constituencies.

As one Southern California alt-weekly put it, it’s turning into a story of “The Wolf Who Cried Wolf.”

The latest drama began to unfold on Oct. 17, when the manager of a Tuesday Morning discount store in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley saw a man throwing a garbage bag into the store’s private dumpster. Inside the bag was a file folder containing eight completed Virginia voter registration forms.

The manager described the man to Rockingham County sheriff’s deputies, who the following day arrested Colin Small, 23, a voter registration drive contractor for the Virginia GOP — and charged him with eight felonies and five misdemeanors related to the destruction and disclosure of the applications and obstruction of justice. [more]

Proof 1:

Proof 2: