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Posted by on May 5, 2010 in TG Roundup, USA

Don’t Believe in Science? Bully The Scientists

Ken Cuccinelli, a Demagogue

His name is Ken Cuccinelli. He hails from the same place where I live. He is the current Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This IDIOT wants Church of Christ to be the lab and Bible to be the book of science.He doesn’t believe in climate change. Now, his is accusing Professor Michael Mann, a UVA professor and a climate change researcher, of manipulating data.[Via NBC Washington].

Virginia’s attorney general is turning up the heat on one former University of Virginia professor over his research on climate change.

Ken Cuccinelli is demanding papers from the school as part of his investigation into that professor, Michael Mann. Cuccinelli wants to know if Mann manipulated data to help secure taxpayer dollars for his research.

Mann, who now works at Penn State University, insists that his work is legitimate. He also thinks that the attorney general — a longtime critic of climate change — is using his authority improperly.

“It seems highly vindictive,” Mann told the Associated Press. “It seems clearly to me that it’s an attempt to intimidate and to silence me and to make an example of me for other scientists who might speak out on the science of climate change.”

Cuccinelli has not yet commented on the controversy, but his spokesman has. Brian Gottstein is defending the investigation. He says it’s necessary after a controversy last year, when hundreds of e-mails surfaced that climate-change opponents claim prove scientists are exaggerating the threat of global warming.

“If ‘Climategate’ never came to light,” Gottstein said. “This investigation would never be happening.”

No idea if Cuccinelli is doing this to settle personal score or this is his way of asserting his power. Looks like he is sending a message that he will sue every researcher whose research disagrees with your nutty religious and political ideology.

The academic community is outraged by this sheer abuse of power by this idiot. I believe that this rising political star is a dangerous demagogue.


  1. Mohan Garu,
    His face is kind of funny , or did you pick that picture on purpose ?.
    He can be a good match to do a movie on climate change with Tom Cruise. How about “Climate changes in the Brokeback Mountain” for the title .

    Sorry I can’t stop laughing , it was just a thought , 🙂

    There are these folks who questioned global warming when we had snow three months back here in DC , :). Sorry can’t help them.

    Silver Spring is not far from where he lives. We can hand him over to Discovery for the next Polar Bears series video shoot on the poles. May be he can understand climate change then.

    • LOL. He is definitely a nut case with very radical social agenda.

      I didn’t pick that photo purposefully. He has quite a history of being an “extreme radical” even before he became AG. He is from my neighboring district. I must apologize for that. Even more than that – he got his law degree from George Mason University. My sincere apologies!