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Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in TG Roundup, USA

Crony Capitalism : An Excellent Exposure


This video highlights what is going wrong in the oldest democracy, namely United States of America. For those who argue that free market philosophy is the only way to conquer the inherent nature of human greed and fallacious nature,  should watch this video and think rationally as to what is going wrong. If they do, and if they objectively reevaluate their stance, they will understand why their arguments of unbridled freedom to allow the finance behemoths to hold the whole country at ransom and make the tax payers pay for the lavish and unjustified rewards like bonuses for running the economy into a wreck! If they don’t, no need to emphasize they are completely on the wrong side of history!

This is an interview on Bill Moyers of David Stockman. Without further adieu please watch the video.





  1. Good piece. Nothing really new for me. But a good summary!

    • Yes, I know it is not new for you. 🙂 In fact this is what you have been highlighting in your show and in this blog many times. The thing about this is that this a republican guy who is stating these in a candid way so I hope this lends credence to some who are hell bent on arguing otherwise!