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Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

YSR government’s schemes being dropped

A few days ago, AP state government has approached the central government for funding the schemes put in place by the YSR government. Citing the schemes as populist, the planning commission has rejected to fund almost every scheme put in place by the YSR government. The planning commission has criticized each and every scheme including free power to farmers, power subsidy to industries, arogyasri and pavala vaddi.

It is really surprising that Rosaiah’s government instead of doing away with the power subsidy to industries, it had actually requested the central government to fund it. As an example, in Jul 2009 state government was buying power from other states at around Rs 12 per unit and was selling to the industries at less than Rs 4 per unit. Even when there is no money to buy additional power, the state government continues to provide power subsidy to industries. At this rate, state government was to go bankrupt sooner or later. Requesting central government to fund power subsidy to industries is sheer irresponsibility by AP state government.

Free power to farmers was introduced by YSR when there were almost no rains and when farmer suicides were on the rise. But the YSR government should have gotten rid of this scheme once there were good rains and bumper crops. Even after four years of good rains and crops, AP state government has approached the central government to fund free power to farmers.

Arogyasri was probably the most popular schemes introduced by YSR government. The planning commission has criticized the state government for allowing patients to be treated under corporate hospitals rather than those run by the state government under this scheme. Though this was a populist scheme, this had helped many lower income groups with their medical bills. Planning commission should have continued this scheme with some changes that would have prevented its abuse. Rather, the planning commission has recommended the state to do away with this scheme totally.

With by-elections around the corner, it is to be seen whether Rosaiah’s government will scrap YSR’s schemes or continue them.

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