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Posted by on Mar 28, 2011 in Career, Education, Inspiration, Parenting, Social Issues, Society, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup, Youth

Values Of Education – Wonderful Speech

ఈ ప్రసంగం యువతకు మార్గదర్శకం, యువతకేకాదు అందరు వినదగినదని / ఆచరించ దగినదని , భావించి అందరితో పంచుకోవాలని ఆశతో ఇక్కడ పోస్ట్ చేస్తున్నాను ..
ప్రస్తుత సామజిక పరిస్తితులు మరియు విద్య యొక్క విలువ కళ్ళకు కట్టిన ప్రసంగం ! మీరు మీ సమయముని చూసుకుని అన్ని భాగములు వినమని ప్రార్థన ! ఇది వొక ఇంజనీరింగ్ కాలేజీ లో జరిగిన ప్రసంగం అని గమనించ గలరు


  1. Seeing others’ comments, I may sound lunatic.
    May be I am one, so… neverthless here are my comments.

    Well – seeing the comments and listening to the first couple of parts, I thought its’ going to be a good one. But now half-through the speech (sorry – I didn’t finish it), I don’t feel it any more.
    I would say that this kind of preaching is the main problem with India. The intent may be good but the path suggested is wrong.
    Having an idealogy at that high level scares the people resorting them to take the easy path.
    Those who are wise, laugh at it and will move on, those who are smart, will exploit it, and the majority – who are average souls – will be confused and lost.
    So, my suggestion is… beware of it.


    • Many points noted… also asking children to listen without fail.
      Dear Netgens please answer.
      Q) He told that VIDHYARDHI is not our word and also he mentioned as it is a TRANSLATION of a western word (Student). Now, what is the meaning of VIDHYARDHI (VIDH – AARDHI)?

  2. Watched 5-10; Wonderful speech and a great speaker.

  3. Very nice post andi. Thanks for sharing !

    • You are welcome andi..

  4. Sriram garu,
    Thank you very much.

    Videos 6 to 10 are super duper. I thought Steve Jobs speech in Stanford university was the best, but after listening to this, boy , Chaganti Koteshwar Rao garu is miles ahead.

    Mohan garu,
    You better find an hour to listen to the entire speech. I remember your rant to the youth about “read something” “learn something”.
    Its that kind of speech.

    • Bhanu garu,
      You are welcome.
      Yeah.. after hearing this speech , i was so impressed with that engineering college principal and staff. What a brilliant idea to conduct this kind of session rather conducting musical nights in the colleges.

  5. Thank you. Appreciate for sharing!!!

  6. Chala manchi Vishayalu chepparu Koteswara Rao garu, nijamga malli school ki vellinatlundhi! Thanks for sharing!

    • You are welcome Ram garu 🙂