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Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

The Puppet and the Puppeteer

Professor Kodhandaram along with Telangana Jagruti president Kavitha has asked the Board of Intermediate Education to make the necessary adjustments such that the examination papers of Telangana students are evaluated only by the people of Telangana region. According to Kodhandaram, doing otherwise would put the Telangana students careers in jeopardy.

Board of Intermediate Education takes all the necessary precautions to make sure that the students identities are not revealed to the evaluators. Kodhandaram knows this for a fact as he himself is a professor. Despite this, he has made this ridiculous request to the BIE.

Teachers and Doctors are revered in our community. Such is their profession that we do not question their integrity. But now, Kodhandaram has done the unthinkable. Questioning a teacher’s integrity is probably the most abominable act by him so far. It gets even worse when one considers the fact that he himself belongs to the teaching community.

The presence of KCR’s daughter Kavitha re-iterates the fact that Kodhandaram has been acting on KCR’s directions. Lately, TRS party has lost support of the OU students JAC. The OU students JAC have declared that their leaders would contest against the TRS party in the by-polls. Clearly, this heinous act of Kodhandaram is an attempt to sow seeds of separatism among Intermediate students and draw them into the T-movement.

Kodhandaram is an intellectual. He is supposed to achieve Telangana by reason. But rather, he has resorted to hate-mongering tactics and this time he has targeted the Intermediate students. How much further can he fall?

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  1. intellectual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmm! educated illeterate to be exact. i am very angry ,i am a teacher i have a right to!

  2. @Bhanu: Kodhandaram has taken a page out of Marri Chenna Reddy’s life. I would not be surprised if he tries to target high school students next.

    @Mohan: I change my stand from “Kodhandaram is an intellectual” to “Kodhandaram used to be an intellectual”.

  3. TRS, if left alone will die a slow death. Both these guys clinging to anything for political mileage.

    Sorry no pun intended but this made my day “doing otherwise would put the Telangana students careers in jeopardy”.

    Reeelly ? Since when ? Either my brain is nor working or its a mid working day, I actually forgot what precisely these students were doing for the last four months. Hmm , now I remember, they were preparing for the exams. So why are they worried to pass them is my question.

    My 0.02, students got nowhere with this Telangana thing, now the realization kicked in, they need to pass the exams by hook or a crook. And someone is trying to help them.

  4. KC,

    Thanks for the post. These claims and demands are getting more and more bizarre by the minute.

    “Kodhandaram is an intellectual.” My day started with dark humor already. 🙁

    An apt statement would be: Despite his hate-mongering, Prof Kodandaram is portrayed by some as an “intellectual.”