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Posted by on Jan 6, 2010 in Opinion, Telugu Nadu

Small States: The Only Legitimate Case to be Made for Telangana

For years there is so much misinformation about the case for Telangana. I read all arguments, pro-Telangana and pro-united Telugu land. I read history, not the distorted history or rewritten history on many hate-mongering web sites. I read raw history!!

I, for one, think that the only legitimate argument to be made for the formation of Telangana is the administrative convenience and the equitable reach of resources with “small states.”

In an article at, Mahesh Rangarajan, a leading historian and a faculty at Delhi University, make the following argument:

How many states can India have? It had 16 in 1971 and has 28 today.

The old Soviet Union, seven times this country’s size, had 16 republics at one time. The United States, with only 300 million people, has as many as 50 states.

The European Union, with slightly more people, has 27 member states.

Clearly, there is room for more states in a republic of a billion plus.

Even this argument doesn’t come across as a deal closer for Telangana. The political climate of India is not even comparable to that of the United States. And then there is electoral maturity. Time and again, the public in India has proven themselves to be the ripe plums to be picked by the instigators and hate-mongers. More states may be a good administrative solution. But, the division has to come from a consensus – not by somebody wanting to part ways with hate and prejudice.

Mahesh Rangarajan says again:

But no Indian state can be divided unless its own elected state assembly passes a resolution calling for a re-division.

Contrary to this constitutional obligation, the separatists want a split-state purely based on a vote by the legislators from the Telangana region only. How come?

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  1. Hi Murali Mohan garu,

    I like your show and how You handle the show. I started listening to your very recently and every friday I try not to miss the show. I am from Khammam a part of Telangana. I don’t know why people who are in US are very carzy about telangana. They don’t do anything for the people to develop the region but encourage people to do bad things. Nothing will happen to these guys or so called idiotic politicians. Anything that is going to happen is to the common people of Andhrapradesh. I don’t know why people are atatcking on the buses. Are they not their property. At end of the day they are going to pay the taxes for what they did. These idiotic politicians don’t spend their time to develop the state but they will think about how to divide it and get some money. People should start thinking at least from now and realize how much they lost from teh past few days.