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Posted by on Apr 25, 2010 in History, Telugu, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

My Hat Tip to Chakravarthy

For some time I have been planning to write this note of appreciation for Chakravarthy garu. I wanted to spend enough time to make sure I will hit all the points. If I waited for finding enough time, this note will lose its value.

Readers of this blog and listeners of my show know where I stand on the issue of separate state of Telangana. To put it succinctly,  the demand for division is ill-advised and could cause an irreparable damage to the unity among Telugu community. Like many, I could clearly see that most of the arguments made for the division were emotional. However, over the last several years various documents allegedly showing statistical proof of methodical discrimination against development and the people of the Nizam Telangana districts have not been met with any counter argument.  While people with personal axe to grind and politicians with vested interest relentlessly promoted not only separation of Telangana and but also hatred towards Kosta and Rayalaseema, politicians and the press played to the emotions of people and did nothing to stop the propaganda. Also, people advocating unity were not as organized as the separatists.

I don’t know if Chakravarthy’s book “My Telugu Roots” was the first well-researched piece to dispel the myths propagated by the separatists. But, in my opinion, this book made a huge difference in the dialogue. How is it possible to one-up such great work? Chakravarthy managed to do that too. With the help of good folks at Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Indians, he spent enormous amount of time to present a report to the Justice Srikrishna Commission.

Take a look at this report and see for yourself about the cogent, rational and passionate case made for a united state for the Telugu people.

I am sure there are several people who will dispute his arguments and statistics. But, in my professional opinion those facts and statistics are objective and verifiable.

It takes a lot of courage for an ordinary citizen to stand-up to political forces that are getting rather nasty and violent that too with with passion, straightforwardness and complete objectivity. I believe Chakravarthy is one such person with a lot of guts and courage.

With all my heart, I congratulate Chakravarthy for taking up this monumental responsibility. Chakravarthy garu, whether AP remains in one piece or not, the Telugu community owes a lot of gratitude to you and your work. You have done an enormous effort into preserving the unity of Telugu people.

Regardless of the outcome, remember this: కర్మణ్యే వాధికారస్తే మాఫలేషు కదాచన.. (close enough?)

To the TG community: if you also appreciate Chakravarthy’s effort, like I do,  please join me in congratulating him and thanking him for his contribution.


  1. Really nice and precise presentation.

  2. I happened to listen to Chakarvarthy gari talk on Telugu History. And discussions on Free Market, Education and Health Reform. I also visited the website MyTeluguRoots.

    I commend the extensive work done by Chakravarthy garu on exploring Telugu History and provide his perspective.

    Readers shall note that we have very little work done on Telugu, Literature, Culture, History. Compare with our Tamil neighbours. They are proud of every bit of literary work whether it is a word, sentence, song or poetry. We are blinded by the fact of reckoning Telugu Literature from 10th Century onwards. Hope the situation will change and modern works like Chakravarthy garu will inspire others to pursue and unearth many more interesting facts about us.

    I look forward to getting a copy of his book from US to Australia.

    I am not sure how to express my honest appreciation for his excellent contribution by his book, courage to explain the false anti-thesis of Telangana and pain staking efforts to present to Justice Srikrishna Committee. I wanted to send a personal note of thank you, but I do not have his email-id.

    One more time a hearty and big thank you to Chakravarthy garu.

  3. Chakravarthy Garu, Hats off to you sir.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words, it is truly overwhelming.

    Bhanu garu says: “He picked a gun and stood on a post”

    I feel like I picked the gun, but stood my family on the post. My grand mother, uncles, and aunts still live in the village, while my parents live in the city. That is the moral dilemma I have to live with. There are no heroes in this movement, only victims.

  5. As chakravarty garu has proved the bogus slogan of “exploitation by Valasavadulu” with statistical evidence,what is left is only emotional appeal by unemployed politicians.Interestingly people who have read Gopichand’s Dharmavaddi realise the background story of how and why people have migrated from circar districts to Telangana.The story is similar with the andhra farmers at Bellary .Exploitation of the weak is age old story and it is same everywhere ,thus we have few rational leaders like JP and Raghavulu identifying the root cause of evil.So instead of optimal utilisation of river waters with better water management we crave for huge major irrigation projects where all kickbacks are in.Hope your website will bringin more articles of this nature.

  6. +1 , Somehow I missed being first :).
    Why this issue started about ten years back is a deeper subject. In a nutshell its political.

    I remember attending a Telangana Forum meeting in 1999 here in US. The meeting was held at Rutgers University, NJ. Prof Jayashanker gave a speech. I remember an NRI doctor who came to the country in the 70s telling Jayashanker a different view that we ( I ) agree. He told about hard work, competitive spirit and charities from NRI’s would help the development of telangana rather than a creating a “movement” and a “party”. That comment resulted in responses from others creating an argument in the small gathered crowd. This gentleman stuck to his guns , he went further with his argument offering a10 lakh ruppes as a seed money for starting a school in his native village which is in Mahaboob Nagar district. He wanted telangana forum to use the money and not go political. The reason why I am bringing this story is to tell about many telangana folks like Chakravarthy garu who feel the same way , but are in the minority. The difference is Chakravarthy garu did not want to be passive. He picked a gun and stood on a post. The book is great tool for checking the roots.
    Kudos, Chakravarthy garu.

  7. I “second” KP garu. An ordinary citizen, who has no material gain whatsoever from whether AP is divided or not, doing such monumental work is highly commendable. Like Mohan garu, said whatever happens that book will be an authority in Telugu history. Take a bow, Sir !

  8. me first.