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Posted by on Feb 19, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Many Faces of Hate: A TV5 Reporter

At various venues I often used the phrase “hate-mongers.” To give more clarity on whom I am calling hate-mongers, here after I will give you examples whenever I see one. Of course, my focus will be on persons who might have some influence in masses. Here is an idiot and a dangerous hate-monger. He is dangerous because as a news anchor he has a mega-phone. Listen to the way he stresses the word, “settlers.”

Yo, idiot! They are neither “Andhra” settlers, nor they are any sort of settlers. They are Indians. They have every right to live in any part of the country they want – including in Telangana.

[media id=49, width=480, height=370]


  1. I won’t watch this channel any more.

  2. This is the same channel that telecasted the news about YSR’s chopper crash as published on exiledonline. There is no point in expecting anything better from this channel. The editor seems to crave only about “sponsors” and TRP.

  3. KCR said ‘Andhrawaale bhago’. Now their activists are dancing under road-side shamiyanas and are singing ‘tharimi tharimi kottandi’. Prof. Kodandaram asked doctors to not to treat sick people from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Would you hate people from Andhra areas if they do not find faith to believe you?

  4. Now there is no one educating Poor innocent people to realize the truth from this politicized & polluted media.


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