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  1. I missed the Friday show. Don’t know what happened. Looks like the topic is back with full stream. Anyways here is the Laxmi’s show with Rana.

    • Hello,

      A few points to add:

      1. Even though some of them are admiring about her confidence, but I don’t see such thing. However she is speaking confidently because of her position and support that she has from family connections.
      2. Pupil who admire Opray and want to do like Opray will not do show like Laksimi(Is there any message or value from the show?). Moreover I don’t see much difference with respect to content from JAYAPRADHAM in MAA TV(i.e Bringing celebrities to the table).
      3. She narrated her feelings about poor people having nothing while she is enjoying with everything. After sometime, “She said that her show is not for farmers” ( Tone of saying that statement wow)

      4. It is pity to see all these TV channels rotate around only new filmy celebrities as if no else is there to perform those jobs.

      5. Finally, one can predict content very easily for all TV channels. Just replace faces for each Channel with new face based on who owns the TV channel.

    • I just watched this video. Rana is good. Not only he made an effort, he got it right! This is what I was trying to get to her.

  2. Hi,

    I have missed the original programme, please can any one tell me if there is an archive of this interview with Manchu Lakshmi so that I can hear it.

  3. Lakshmi Manchu celebrity kada anthe matladuthundi. America endhuku vellindo, asalu emi jarigindo anadriki telusu ankuntta. Thanu twitter lo elanti twits post chesthundo evarina follow ayara…
    Exmple : Now, she has come up with a joke which is making good rounds. It goes like this –
    Kid’s dad joined Facebook….kid’s status update: dad on fb…wtf!! For this, Dad asked him what is WTF? Kid replies ‘Welcome To Facebook’.
    Well, online chatting groups know what ‘wtf’ means…that’s ‘want to f—k’.
    Celebrity musugulo emi cheppina namestahma… Indialone anukunna, USA lo kuda ilatini vallani support chesthunnaru. Manam maram endhukante manam INDIANS kada!

    • How many of us can read and write in Telugu? How often we write in Telugu?
      Can anyone of us talk in pure Telugu (not even one ENGLISH/HINDI word) for few minutes? Try first before you answer!!!
      How many times you preferred to speak to your TELUGU friends in only pure Telugu?
      Last question, Hate to ask this question! How pure is your Telugu (anywhere including AP) kid’s “Tellogo”?

      Now you know – why Lakshmi choose to “Kill” her mother tongue!!!

      Live your life 😉

      • Venkat garu,
        Absolutely correct. No one can talk pure telugu other than the telugu teachers :-). However we try to speak own slang / style / regional dialects to be comfortable with our own skin.

        The issue arises when someone lived in India for a good 20 plus years starts talking “Tellogo” and acting like living in the US for a long time (10 years ?) . Oh well that’s another thing, the “longtime” definition.

  4. Hi,

    I have missed the original programme, please can any one tell me if there is an archive of this interview with Manchu Lakshmi so that I can hear it.


  5. I cannot see a better fool than M.Lakshmi who missed a golden opportunity of attracting audience to her show.
    Thank you Mohan garu for putting her on spot.
    The way she was defending is clearly evident that she is guilty of killing Telugu again and again and is definitely not herself when she spoke.
    Either English or Telugu she just cannot speak.
    If you cannot talk Telugu what is the bloody freaking purpose of her Telugu.
    Elli Tamil language ni uddarichu…Hope you are better.
    Dhobi ka kuththa naa ghar ka na ghat ka!!!!
    Naa telugu raadhu naa English raadhu naa tamil raadu…Chaaa!

  6. guys…please stop…enough said…Take a break.
    mohan garu ,this is not fair,you are trying to be hypocritic,if u see her latest episode,she is much better .may be she is improving,give her a chance.
    I liked her attitude.Most of us speak english talking to telugu people.
    May be she wants to go back to Hollywood.

    One thing is for sure,when most actors want to go for hollywood ,she is proud that she is ‘HOLLYWOOD-RETURN’.

    There was time when manamu kuda pozulu kottevalamu India ki Vellinappudu,now time has changed,that’s a different story….

    Mohan garu ,I liked the interview,its something different from what u usually do

    Grow up ppl….
    If u don’t like her ,there are 100’s of diff channels,play with ur remote

    Once again Mohan garu ,Hats of to u,love ur show a lot.Double Thumbs-up

  7. Hello Mohan garu….

    Stop Criticizing Manchu laxmi….And please stop imitating her in your shows again and again. its her personality and her life…..

    There are many issues in this world when need to be discussed…. like Japan issue, Telangana issue and many more… take those topics.

    Today’s Shoban Babu show was good… please do shows like this but in between shows also please stop talking about manchu laxmai..

    Its my opinion.. and suggestion

  8. Where can we find the interview audio ? please post the link

  9. Mohan garu,

    its nice to interview Laxmi.
    But it is not polite for a person to criticize your guest on your show. Though you are in America, the way you interviewed her still shows that you are pakka indian.

    Its a shame for a professor like you trying to criticize a guest. I dont know what you learnt from americans for the last 2 decades.

    Try to respect other people.

    Everybody has their own way on how they talk(express)., whether it is English/telugu or any language.
    Try not to use english in your show., can you do that..

    For listeners….
    change…change… be broad-minded.

    • @jyo,
      Have you watched Mohan gari interviews in the past ? This is no different than what he did in the past. Unless we are talking about two different shows I didn’t see him not respecting Laxmi. Its not even a tough interview by many standards. Laxmi for all her celebrity status needs to accept the criticism and move along.

  10. Mohan garu,

    Please post the recoded converstaion. i am in eastern Time zone, was this show aired on last Friday? i was online and listened TORI most of the day, but didn’t listen to your MM Ganalahari show. May be i might have missed it. Please post to Teluglobe for us.


  11. vammo, asalu aa interview lo emundhani inni comments vastunnayo artham kavatledhu. What I felt was, it was just a casual conversation.

    I agree with lakshmi. everi business valladhi and everi style valladhi. Show bagoka pothe janalu chudatam manestaru, bagunte chustaru dats it! Dani gurunchi manaki ndhuku intha godava?

  12. MM Garu – can you post the recording for us? Every one talking about this topic. Wanted listen what was in it

  13. Looks like many folks expressed their opinion about the interview.I did not expect to see this many comments. For a change Teluglobe is on a roll.

  14. This is my opinion on Mohan’s Interview with M.Lakshmi.
    1) I had been listening Mohan’s show interestingly for a long –time. In my opinion he is an arrogant and stubborn but I won’t stop listening his show & don’t want him to change. Same applies to M.Lakshmi for her show, it’s her show – it’s her way – it’s her topics – it’s her TPR rating – it’s her personality – it’s her social life. She will fail if she doesn’t reach people and then there won’t be another show of her.
    2) Mohan should not publicly criticize (i.e. advice) her about her Telugu language. Mohan is free to advice his audience if he want. Let us see how far he will advocate about Telugu in his shows, where as he has already failed at home front. I am so much confident he will ignore this advice, since I know his attitude.
    3) Mohan’s show is for entertainment. I pity him if he thinks he is a ‘Social Reformer!’.

  15. Mohan Garu,

    I have been listening to your shows from the beginning and would like to continue to listen your programs in future as well. I never thought that you would do an interview with people like Manchu Lakshmi. This is one of the worst show I ever listened in your shows.

    We would like to hear from you to know about economy, education, social problems etc., not like interviews like Lakshmi. This is my personal request to you not to bring interviews like Lakshmi. Otherwise we will loose our interest to your programs.

    Please continue to do the way you are doing now and make a plan to bring this program to the next level by making our next generation attractive to your program(Telugu).

    Thank you.

  16. Interview was good. Though she sounded arrogant and has shown attitude, atleast she was not hypocritical. However I wanted to bring up one point that you have let down your listener / caller of last week by playing his question ( comments on telugu accent & self dabba) but not playing the comment which you have passed at the end of that call. Also you have said that you are not supporting your caller in the interview which was not fair. Were you overawed by her?

  17. Hi,
    This is Muni from Singapore, just heard Lakshmi talk show and felt sad about the words about Telugu. I am from very near neighbor village of Mohanbabu’s and being a very good actor’s daughter she is killing telugu.

  18. hi

  19. sodari sodarimanulara


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    okati matuku nijam
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    vallaki ye bhasha lo sowkaryam anipiste adi matladataru
    vallu ala cheyyatame sarinadi

    USA vachi telugu samskruti sadhanam ani tega matalu matladaru

    okksarai vere vallani anemundu manaki manam verevallani ane paristitilo vunnama ani alochinchadi

    Murali gariki, Ee dharavahikanu chakachakyam to nadipincharu
    aYana ala cheyyatame saraiyinadi
    aYanani choosi manam kuda nerchukovali

    nenu kuda USA nivasine
    telugulo rayataniki chala prayatnincha
    tappulu vunte manninchandi
    Editorial insert: Since that note (in Telugu written in English script) is hard to read, its transliterated version (as it is) is provided below:
    సోదరి సోదరిమనులర


    Lakshmi కి ఏమనిపించిందో అది చెప్పింది
    తను అమెరికాలో చాల రోజులు చదువుకున్నది
    తనకి అమెరికాలో నీళ్ళు బాగా వంటబట్టినాయి

    దానిని మనం అర్థం చేసుకోవచు
    చినప్పటినుంచి వాళ్ళు సెలెబ్రిటీస్ దానిపైన amercia లో చదవటం వల్ల ప్రవర్తన అలాగే వుంటది వల్ల గొంతు వాళ్ళ భావాలు వాళ్ళు బయటపెట్టడానికి భయపడరు

    మీరు అంటా చదువుకున్నవాళ్ళే గదా మీకు అంటా తెలుగు మీద అభిమానం వుంటే మీరు తెలుగు బాష అభివ్రుది కి మీ వంతు సహాయం మరియు మీవంతు కృషి చెయ్యండి అంటే కానీ ఎవరో ఏదో అన్నారని radio లోను website లోను నన రబస చేస్తారు

    ఒకటి మటుకు నిజం
    మీలో ఎంతమంది america నుంచి తిరిగి మన దేశం వెళ్తారో తెలియదుకాని మీకంటే ముందు lakshmi వెళ్ళిపోయింది తనకి మన దేశం మీద మమకారం వున్నది మన భాష మాట్లాడటం సౌకర్యంగ అనిపించదేమో! తన భావం వ్యక్తిర్యపరిచింది. మీ ఫోన్ లో మాట్లాడినప్పుడు నేను విన్నాను మీరుకూడా సగం తెలుగు సగం ఇంగ్లీషే కదా మాట్లాడతంది?

    పైన వ్యాఖ్యలు కూడా కూడా చాల ఇంగ్లీష్ లోనే కదా ఉన్నాయి

    కేవలం భాష గురించి lakshmi మాట్లాడింది అని మీరు తెగ భాదపడిపోయి
    మీరు ఆవిడ గురంచి మాట్లాడటం , ఇది సంస్కారం అనిపించుకున్తుందా

    మన సినిమాలు, సేరియల్లు, వార్త చానెళ్ళు అన్నిట్లో ఇదే గదా జరుగుతున్నాడు
    అందరు సగం సగం తెలుగు మాట్లాడటం
    తెలుగు ఖూని చెయ్యటం

    మీ పిల్లల్ని మనదేశం లో వుంటే తెలుగు మీడియం చేరిపిస్తారా
    డబ్బులు ఎక్కువిన ఇంగ్లీష్ మీడియం లోనే జేరిపిస్తారుకడ మరి అప్పుడు లేదా తెలుగు మీద మమకారం

    మీ పిల్లలు గురించి ఆలోచించర
    మీలో ఎంతమంది పిల్లలు వేరే తెలుగు పిల్లలతో తెలుగులో మాట్లాడతారు
    ఎంతమంది యాస చక్కనిన తెలుగులో వుంటుంది
    మీ పిల్లలు USA లో పెరిగితే వాళ్ళు కూడా అలాగే ఆలోచిస్తారు
    వాళ్ళకి ఏ భాష లో సౌకర్యం అనిపిస్తే అది మాట్లాడతారు
    వాళ్ళు అలా చెయ్యటమే సరినది

    USA వచ్చి తెలుగు సంస్కృతీ సదనం అని తెగ మాటలు మాట్లాడారు

    ఒక్కసారి వేరే వాళ్ళని అనేముందు మనకి మనం వేరేవాళ్ళని అనే పరిస్తితిలో వున్నామ అని ఆలోచించడి

    మురళి గారికి, ఈ ధరవహికను చాకచక్యం తో నడిపించారు
    అయన అలా చెయ్యటమే సరైయినది
    ఆయనని చూసి మనం కూడా నేర్చుకోవాలి

    నేను కూడా USA నివసినే
    తెలుగులో రాయటానికి chala ప్రయత్నించ
    తప్పులు వుంటే మన్నించండి

    • Chaala baaga chepparu!
      Mohan garu edi varaku annaru, bhasha lo konchem tappulu unna, yasa lo tedalu unna kuda, vaallanu khandincha kunda, protsahiste bhasha ku meelu chesina vallamuvutam ani!
      Neenu daaniki purtiga ekibhavistanu. Andu valana Lakshmi maatalanu vini pedda manasutho aaseervadinchalane naa abhiprayam!

    • Mee reply baga nachindi..Mee abhiprayam tho eekibavisthunna..Evari mano bavalu varivi..Self dabba thappa ame lang gurinchi baga support chesukundi..Kani konni konni sarlu ameku telugu vache kavalani American Accent lo matladuthundo emo anipinchindi..Meeru ame shows chusina telusthundi aa vishayam..
      But you r 100% right..Evari isthtam vunnatlu vallu vuntam..After its a free world..

  20. All,

    I am heartened to see such a spirited response to this interview. I assure you all your criticism of me regarding this interview is well taken. I will respond to all the comments in a detailed way in my next show and post the audio right here.

    In the mean time – (commenter) Lakshmi garu got my intent correct.

    Other questions I had written down and did not get a chance to ask Lakshmi: “Psychologists say most celebrities are narcissists. Many have branded Oprah as a self-centered woman who is a covert narcissist. Are you a narcissist? Are you self-centered?”

    Lakshmi is no Palin. Rather Lakshmi is knowledgeable and more deservingly confident. In short, Lakshmi is not an empty suit. But there are some moments in the interview where Lakshmi’s vulnerabilities and shortcomings were exposed – loud and clear. I let the interview speak for itself.

    • I think she would have taken YOUR suggestion well, but playing that particular sound byte might have irked her. That particular person in the sound byte is mean. He could have given the suggestion(s) in a nicer way.
      I totally agree with you on her shortcomings or vulnerabilities and her strengths.

      • Good points.

        There are three ways to ask a person to respond:

        1) some people say this about you… “whatever it is putting in the words of interviewer.” [I don’t like this way. Because, it is a cowardly way to ask a question. Who are “those” people? ]
        2) I think “this” about you. What is your response? [Better than (1) but still not objective.]
        3) say the direct quote from another person or play the sound/video byte and ask the guest to respond. [This is the best way, so I chose this way.]

        In my opinion #1 is the most common and the most cunning way to ask a question.
        #2 is better than (1) and still not objective.
        So, I chose the 3rd option. You are right, not only the caller’s tone seems to have irked her, but she heard my derisive laugh as he was talking. That laugh from me is perhaps a result of a prejudice, which was gone after I met her.

        Therefore, at this point – it is what it is. Let the interview speak for itself!

  21. ఆవిడ తెలుగు ని ఉద్ధరించక పోయినా భాష కి వచ్చిన నష్టం ఏమి లేదు కాని, ఇందులో సుమలతని చూస్తె మంచి ప్రయోక్త గా ఉండడం ఎలాగో తెలుస్తుంది.

  22. She is a charmer, no doubt about it. Very focused and strong willed person. I understand why Mohan garu asked her to change her accent – Since she is a celebrity who has good following among youth, may be she can influence the younger generation to speak with the right accent. I am sure he gives the same advise/suggestion to any TV host who has “Urban” Telugu accent.
    Just like she made the effort to speak American English with the correct accent to act in hollywood movies, she can make the effort to speak Telugu accent in the correct accent ONLY if she wants to do it. We cannot pressurize any person to do any thing. We cannot be so hard on her when we are bearing much worse Telugu TV hosts for so many years. But, I am very sure that she WILL do it if she gets it that it is to her advantage – especially when she decides to get into politics. I have a feeling that we will soon see her in Politics too.

  23. Manchu lakshmi kadu, ‘Pogaru’ Lakshmi. I feel she antagonised lot of MMGL listerners like me. I dont care much about what she talked and how she talked during the interview as I was not and am not going to be the fan of her surely. What pained me more and got me disappointed is how Muraligaru tried to be so nice to her during and after the interview. I see a seachange in him from the way he talked in last week show and in this week show. I suddenly doubt if he was threatened by her clan or what. He did not hit her back as he usually does with other people like her. I would have loved to see some nice apt and candid responses from him especially when she was going overboard patting herself as celebrity etc. I feel Muraligaru was not his acerbic self with her.

  24. All I can say is Jaise Baap…Vaise Beti, both of them dont know how to talk in public

  25. I wish I could get back the time of my life that I spent listening to Laxmi Manchu’s interview. I didn’t know who she was and I wish I never did. After the interview, I will ignore one more Telugu media person in my life. I am an ardent fan of the MMGL/TORI shows and that’s the only reason why I was listening to the interview. I never posted a comment on this website but I feel that I must vent my frustration for my lost time. I listen to the TORI shows for the good songs and controversy-free discussions/topics.

    It felt like Mohan garu was bending over backward trying not to make his guest feel unwelcome. He was unnecessarily soft and over-reaching to her which I never expected of him. Unlikely of him, but he didn’t want to speak his mind after her combative response to the sound bite from a caller earlier on his show and instead gave her the pre-arranged sweet surprise mimicry by Anish. Maybe he is becoming a business man. A very poor job this time Mohan Garu!

    Laxmi Manchu! WOW! I have nothing good for her. She is not an expert at any one thing and is a mediocrity and definitely not a celebrity. I don’t know why she agreed to an interview with Mohan garu without knowing the audience of MMGL. Like most other people who listen to the show, I am not an absolute telugu pundit. The only bond between all the TORI listeners is “TELUGU” and the love of Andhra Pradesh and its art and culture. The bond is not between “English speaking Telugu” people. She did not make an ounce of effort to win the hearts of the listeners or the host. Anyone who appears as a guest on any show is to promote themselves. In this case she sabotaged herself by her unscripted talk. Her arrogance came across to some innocent people as confidence which is very unfortunate.

    Wishing Laxmi Manchu success, I will say that she either needs to add some talent to her resume other than retort or be a private secluded rich kid of a rich father.

    Mohan garu is a professor, so he will understand what it means to get bad grades and how difficult it is to improve them. Based on the interview, I will give the show a C (on a scale of A,B,C,D,F). I hope to that the usual quality that the show always brings to the listeners will come back soon.

    • Praveen garu:

      The criticism is not unexpected. 🙂 It is a free country and you are entitled to your opinion.

      I stand by my decision to interview her and the manner in which I conducted the interview.

      I haven’t yet become a businessman. But for TORi’s survival -I have to become one.

  26. Bhanu garu, I should have toned down a bit and have stuck to constructive criticism. But, what scares me is (you and) Lakshmi (partly) comparing herself to Oprah Winfrey. That was unacceptable! and was really wrong.

  27. Mohan garu, please asap Lakshmi gari interview post cheyyandi. I missed it. After seeing all these comments, i really wanted to know what exactly happened 😛

  28. How arrogance can be contused as confidence. It is not and never going to be. When she said her targeted audience belongs to upper class and middle class English speaking group it was so wrong, lakshmi enlighten us when did this group tell you, you are their type and your killing of their language is what they want. Humility is something you gain through life experiences. Being humble is not a weakness and it is a virtue. She is not a role model to anyone and I sincerely pray to god that our youth does not think her way of talking is stylish and follow it. I don’t have any problem if she talks this bad telugu at home with her family but for her to speak in a public medium and expect us to bare with it definitely it is arrogance and not confidence. May be she can learn telugu from charmy and priyamani.

  29. Yeah I liked her attitude..But the way she said “chuste chudandi lekapothe pondi” that irked me..ok entertainment kosam show chestunnanu annadi fine..she succeeded..but she is a representative in the media on how she speaks telugu..lots of kids watch her show..they will be mislead by her accent..and will take that as a style..this is not a positive sign going forward..

    ok yeah arjun and manoj are multi-starrers..but looking back at her old shows..the way she bragged about her brother’s wedding in the first season was a little too much.

  30. ఎదిగిన కొద్ది ఒదిగి ఉండాలి అనే సామెత అస్సలు తెలియదనుకుంట లక్ష్మి గారికి. the way she brags about their family and her ‘talk show’ shows her attitude.
    totally disliked her way of talking.

    The other day I was watching her talk show with Rana. He was grown up in Madras but the way he committed himself to learn our mother language is really amazing. He spoke few dialogues from ‘Dana Veera Shoora Karna’ …I was just blown away. He is also a silver-spoon batch but his attitude was way better.

    I am not sure whether i am doing a right thing to compare them but ‘SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID naakinthe vachu…nenu intha kante maatlaadalenu…i want to talk in english/tamil not in telugu’ or whatever.

    totally disliked her attitude though.

  31. Please post the recorded audio. Thanks.

  32. I have one query to Mohan Garu,

    I’m a listener in Tori from last 4 years, when i listed to Lakshmi today in Mohan Murali ganalahari, immediately I dropped the call, because i seen her shows (one may be ) , don’t like her attitude and SELF DABBBBBBAAAAHHAAA

    Here is my Question to Mohan Garu: Does the callers count is Consistent during the Lakhsmi Chit Chat with Mohan Murali garu, or is there Huge Drop of the Call ???

    just curious to know if her Attitude bothering (SOFT) Listeners like me

    you can reply on my mail

  33. Could you please post the recording of this interview?

  34. Folks,
    Post your comments here.

    Mohan garu,
    Good interview. Laxmi stuck to her guns and so did you. Living in USA probably helped her to answer better. I noticed her asking you to repeat the questions or to better clarify is clearly to avoid tough questions. Unlike many people who are sharpening the knifes now, I say Laxmi did nothing wrong in saying she cares less about speaking in Telugu. Her confidence is admirable.Its the age and the family background that gives her that confidence. Mohan babu garu is a confident man. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I never saw her show, but after listening today I am kind of interested. Again , coming back to the Telugu issue, I don’t find fault with her, but I hope she will change her opinion and embrace Telugu from a business perspective. Its good for her and good for the public.

  35. Lakshmi has no future! that’s for sure. Anyone who is not humble , not receptive and who can not take positive criticism, will pay the price in due time personally and professionally. Of course.. this is purely my opinion.

    • Raghu garu, well said. However she proved here in the states by acting in Television. So there is that hint of pride in her talk. She can become Telugu Oprah if she talks humble.

  36. I never watched her TV show. In your interview,She comes across as a confident go-getter with a with a hint of arrogance. Like you I will hire her just for her can do attitude. She is a survivor in this dog eat dog world.

  37. Can you please post the interview on for missing listeners

  38. I liked the interview with Lakshmi garu, thanks for bringing, I am like Lakshmi from Madras, she is bold and very outspoken, why should she change her style of conversations, everyone see her show and comment about her telugu, but still see the show, that means they like her show. We have so many accents in Andhra Pradesh, why not accept this as a slang too.

  39. Nice show, MM garu you rocks..

    Lakshmi even acted like how she do in her talk show.

    She has a bad attitude like how other Manchu’s . too much self dabba

    • I din’t really see reason to blame Lakshmi garu. The way she grown up and from the back ground she came it is obvious she has that type of mentality. and it is well said who ever likes to see her show they would if somebody dont want to see they need not.

      I definitely loved her confidence levels and it resembles her positive and firm attitude towards going further in life.

      and who are we to decide whether she has future or not. SO many people said RGV will never has future..but with worst ever pictures also he is still one of the top icon in the industry.

      It is her life and she is a self assured matured lady and perfectly knows what makes her successful.

      I would appreciate Mohan garu for bringing this interview and making younger generation in this era realize that they got to have lot of courage and confidence in order to move in this life.

      It is only our attitude towards life and what makes us feel happy in this world should be our priority but not the others opinion on our acts which will make us cry everyday.

      live for you happiness not for society opinion. never ever bother for what others think of you when you believe and see happiness in your deeds.

      Thats what this generation realizing and so reflected in Laksmi’s interview.

      Once again thanks to Mohan garu for bringing us this interview.