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Posted by on Apr 29, 2010 in Culture, History, Opinion, Social Issues, Telugu, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

KCR is Thirsting for Blood – What is Your Response Going to Be?

In a meeting attended by 15,000 delegates on April 28th in Secunderabad, TRS President KCR threatened that there will be a civil war if Andhra Pradesh State is not divided.

Going by the recent wave of separatist violence, KCR might not be making empty threats. Separatist thuggery will most likely resume post December, 2010. The real question is- how will the integrationists respond to these threats of violence?

The State Government’s pusillanimous handling of the recent spate of violence reinforced separatists’ view, that force is the best tool to achieve their jingoistic goals. Complement that with the leftist militant ideology that crept into the movement. Further complement that with the Central Government’s bowing to the pea-sized pressure brought on by KCR’s supposed indefinite hunger strike.

Government’s failure to stamp down violence has encouraged the separatists to a point where they are now making open threats of a civil war.

So, what is the integrationists’ response to the threats of violence going to be? Will the Samaikya Vaadhis at last wake up from their slumber and form a formidable organization that can stand up to the separatist might?

Throughout the current separatist movement, integrationist leaders have adopted a strategy of appeasement. Threats and acts of violence were mostly ignored or downplayed. Integrationists opined that standing up to the separatists will further incite them and will only exacerbate the situation.

If history is any guide, a bully cannot be reasoned. Gandhi’s philosophy of peace would not have worked against a fascist like Hitler. Pakistan can only be reasoned from a position of strength. KCR’s threats of violence can only be dealt with a credible response of self-defense.

In a civil society no man has a right to physically assault another man, unless such an assault is expressly granted by a court of law. A man cannot assault his foe. A husband cannot assault his wife. A parent cannot assault a child. A police officer cannot assault a criminal. A mob cannot lynch a reckless driver. A separatist cannot assault an integrationist and vice-versa.

Unprovoked physical assault is the most egregious crime a man can commit. Physical assault is not only a criminal offense, but it is the most immoral act a man can commit. If our creator were to maintain a list of man’s most immoral acts, physical assault on life will top that list.

However, there is another important aspect to the philosophy of life. While physical assault is immoral and criminal, we men also have a solemn responsibility to defend our lives. Life is a god given gift and self-defense is every man’s fundamental right.

What is self-defense? Where does government promised security to its citizens fit in this scheme of self-defense? Isn’t it the role of government to protect its citizens when they are under assault? If citizens take law into their hands, wouldn’t there be chaos all around?

One may claim that a society where people are defending themselves will quickly get out of hand. However, evidence shows otherwise. People have died by millions when they failed to defend themselves- whether it is the 6 million Jews that died during the second world war, or the 800,000 Tutsis that were killed in mere 100 days in Rwanda, or nearly a third of Cambodia’s population of 2.5 million killed by Khmer Rouge, or a conservative estimate of 20 million killed by the Communists in the Soviet Union.

I am not suggesting that we answer separatist violence with more violence. I am urging for a credible self-defense. When attacked, be prepared to defend yourself and that includes assaulting your attacker. Most civilized nations, including India, grants its citizens the right to self-defense.

In a self-defense case, Supreme Court Justice D K Jain ruled: “When an individual or his property is faced with a danger and immediate aid from state machinery is not readily available, that individual is entitled to protect himself and his property.”

If you assault a man without provocation- you are a criminal. On the other hand, if you defend yourself when assaulted- you are a model citizen and a moral human being. The criminal defense attorneys located in Denver area can help with such cases and with the legalities.

Hyderabad and Rangareddi together have nearly 80 lakh people. There are less than twenty thousand police in the city to protect millions of residents. If KCR acts on his desire to see the Musi River turn red, there just won’t be enough cops to protect everyone.

It is time for people in communities to start thinking about how they would defend themselves. It is high time integrationists start responding to the separatist vitriol. It is way past time integrationists build an organization that can stand toe-to-toe against the hate-mongering separatists.

The separatist movement should be fought by the integrationists with conviction. Every false allegation made by the separatists must be answered. Every caustic remark must receive a fitting reply. Every separatist assault must be stopped.

If KCR, as promised, unleashes his bloodthirsty civil war machinery- a sneak preview of which we’ve already seen after December 9th– are the integrationists ready to defend themselves?

Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy


  1. History of Telugus is full of divisions and reunions that were caused by political reasons prompted by few power mongers, be it kings or present day politicians. What is going on now is another such movement. If people really want AP be divided no one can stop it. Let it happen. History will repeat. I have no worries.

    But …

    Backwardness and culture differences can’t be an excuse to divide any region. If those are the only parameters, AP should be formulated into at least 5 states and that India be divided into hundreds of states.

    Till now politicians from Telangana out numbered other regions in terms of Central Ministries and state ministries of importance. We also had Prime minister from this region. Can we expect development that was not achieved till now, can be achieved after the division? Do people really believe the politicians would really care more about the people than their own gains and egos? If yes, It should be divided, no one can stop the division, Let it happen.

    There were most number of Chief Ministers from Rayalaseema Region, If those CMs were channeling the State resources to this region, why is it so backward than the rest of AP. Telangana is in much more better shape than Rayalaseema by all means. Do people really believe the politicians would really care more about the people than their own gains and egos? If yes, AP
    should be divided, no one can stop the division, Let there be separate Seema.

    Andhra, Only 3 Districts of this region agriculturally advanced. Do’t be fooled thinking that they were developed after 1947. Credit goes to Britishers!! Do people really believe the politicians would really care more about the people than their own gains and egos? If yes, AP should be divided, no one can stop the division, Let there be separate Andhra.

    When most of the CMs are from Andhra and Seema regions why did they not divert the industry to their regions. Why are the 90% of industries and jobs are in Hyderabad? Had at least one city from each region shared these industries, people of Telangana had more chances of knowing and caring about others.

    Let it be united, let it be divided. How does it matter? There is no point in preaching and teaching to an idiot who is reluctant to listen and cuts the branch on which he is sitting. People get what they deserve. We simply do not need to worry.

  2. We are trying to protect ourselves from the growing crime problem. Not all illegals are criminals but a growing portion of our criminals are illegals. Unless the Federal government actually steps up to plate and takes action what are we supposed to do. Ignore the crime that is spilling across the borders. I wish we could deport all the criminals without effecting the good non-citizens and that is the intent of this law.

    • You probably wanted to reply to one of the posts on Arizona law.

  3. Personally I think Arizona’s new law is a great law. We all recognize that we need to allow a better path to citizenship, but since the state can’t grant the citizenship the only way we can protect ourselves is to enforce harsher penalties against all illegal immigrants. We can’t sort the good and the bad until the Federal government acts. Instead of protesting our actions people should be petitioning their congressmen to reform immigration laws. We just want to keep the criminals and drug dealers out of our state.

  4. Bhanu garu, ur twist is sweet 🙂

  5. Chakravarthy garu, IMHO, I would say the Samaikya vadulu are screwing up the state. Why ? The over reaction from Andhra and Samainkyandhra folks is being used as a fuel by TRS and the leftists (who joined the movement lately). I am from Telangana, so knew a bit about it. I still have roots there. I still talk to folks back home on a regular basis. Many folks in telangana did not want a separate state, but are silent. Their feeling is that KCR is looking for avenues to enrage people and Samaikyandhra folks are giving them chances. I totally agree with them.

    My solution is, all the Andhra folks and Samaikyandhra supporters should support Telangana movement and change the tune to support telangana state. The movement will slow down before dying on its own death.

    Take my word, I am dead serious on this one.

    • Excellent point,

      Even though the issue has debunked on factual basis, the emotional side of it should be dealt with delicate balance. Sentiments of many pro-divisionists are perfectly understandable. After all, Telangana state is like a candy given to a child and taken away just when he was about to taste it. Why wouldn’t he resent it, even if the candy is being checked for health safety?

    • I think this is a great point. The fact of this matter is that, Telangana (which includes Hyderabad) greatly benefited by the confluence and migration of many talented people from not just all of Andhra Pradesh but from all over the country and now even from other countries, who migrated to Hyderabad and surroundings. Why on earth USA is the most cherished countries (even with all the problems like economy,racism etc)? because it attracted the most talented from all over the world! Didn’t Gurajada, our great telugu poet say ‘Desamante matti kadoi, desamante manushuloi’. Every sane person of telnagana region knows this in their conscience. But like many tragedies those guys can’t come out to say that for want of safety or avoiding the confrontation with their neighbors. I wish there is someone who can represent them and bring that silent voice out. It is outrageous to see even the news papers are split across the state along the separatist lines. It is the common folly of immediate losses that is weighing in the moderate folks out there.