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Posted by on Aug 28, 2010 in Opinion, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

History of Hate and Thuggery Repeats at OU

Osmania University was founded by the Nizam Nawab on principles of Muslim brotherhood. But the real backdrop was hatred towards Hindus. In the early 1900s, on religious occasions Hindu students were not even allowed to gather on campus. The only worship allowed by Hindu students was in their own hostel rooms. (Today, this culture is still in practice in most Islamic Republics). In essence, Hindus were second class citizens on OU campus in those days.

When Vandemataram movement was in full swing, the VC banned uttering the word ‘Vandemataram’ on campus. They even put some people in jail for violating this ban – one among them was our own former prime minister, Sri PV Narasimharao.

Despite this checkered past – in the late 60s OU alumni was one of the most elite in the nation. In fact, at one point three sitting CMs were OU alumni.

Fast forward to early 1970s – students who were from the coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema region were mobbed, beaten and threatened to death by the then Telangana separatists. A lot of students and employees from the two regions were expatriated to colleges and positions in the other regions. Talk about being second-class citizens in their own state.

Thugs and goondas have populated the ranks for student roster in the 70s. Anecdotal stories of  several students taking examinations with a knife display were in circulation. All this raucous led to several employers having a footnote in their job announcements in papers: “Candidates from the Osmania University need not apply.

Now the history is repeating itself. Thuggery and hate is back in full-force at OU. And this is all done at the behest of JAC!!! [From TeluguOne]

హైదరాబాద్: ఉస్మానియా విశ్వవిద్యాలయంలో జరుగుతున్న బి.ఇడి. స్పాట్ వాల్యూయేషన్‌ను ఉస్మానియా జె.ఎ.సి. అడ్డుకున్నది. కొందరు అధ్యాపకులను విద్యార్థులు తరిమికొట్టారు. అధ్యాపకుల చేతిలో ఉన్న పేపర్లను కూడా వారు లాక్కున్నారు. అంతటితో సీమాంధ్ర అధ్యాపకులు భయంతో అటు ఇటు పరుగులు తీశారు.
ఈ దాడి గురించి గవర్నర్ నరసింహన్ అసలు ఏమి జరిగిందని వైస్ ఛాన్సలర్ వాకబు చేసి తెలుసుకున్నారు. సీమాంధ్ర అధ్యాపకులు తక్షణం వెనుకకు వెళ్లాలని జె.ఎ.సి. కోరింది. ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంత అధ్యాపకులతో పేపర్లు దిద్దించరాదంటూ ఉస్మానియా జె.ఎ.సి. నినాదాలు కూడా చేసింది. సీమాంధ్ర అధ్యాపకులు తెలంగాణా విద్యార్థుల మనోభావాలను దెబ్బ తీశారని జె.ఎ.సి. నాయకులు ఆరోపించారు. సీమాంధ్ర అధ్యాపకులు ఈ నెల 30 వ తేదీలోగా వెనుదిరిగి వెళ్లాలని జె.ఎ.సి. కోరింది. వారిని వెనుకకు పంపించకపోతే ఉద్యమాన్ని తీవ్రం చేస్తామని ఉస్మానియా జె.ఎ.సి. హెచ్చరించింది.

స్థానిక అధ్యాపకులతోనే పేపర్లు దిద్దించాలని, లేకపోతే తెలంగాణా విద్యార్ధులకు అన్యాయం జరుగుతుందని జె.ఎ.సి. ఆరోపించింది. అధ్యాపకులపై జరిగిన దాడిని సమైక్యాంధ్ర టీచర్స్ సమాఖ్య ఖండించింది. అధ్యాపకులకు తెలంగాణా అని, సీమాంధ్ర అనీ వివక్ష ఉండదని వారు వివరించారు. పేపర్లు దిద్దే విషయంలో డీ కోడింగు జరుగుతుంది కాబట్టి ఏ పేపరు ఎవరిది అన్నది ఎవరికీ తెలియదని, అటువంటప్పుడు సీమాంధ్ర అధ్యాపకులు తెలంగాణా విద్యార్ధులకు అన్యాయం ఎలా చేస్తారని వారు ప్రశ్నించారు. ఇప్పటివరకూ అన్నదమ్ముల్లా విడిపోదామంటున్న తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమ నాయకులు ఇప్పుడు అధ్యాపకులపై జె.ఎ.సి. దాడి చేయడాన్ని ఎలా సమర్ధించుకుంటారని వారు ప్రశ్నించారు. ఒక అధ్యాపకుడై ఉండి జె.ఎ.సి. నాయకుడు ప్రొఫెసర్ కోదండరామ్ తోటి అధ్యాపకులపై దాడి జరుగుతుంటే ఏం చేస్తున్నారని, ఆయన తక్షణం తన పదవికి రాజీనామా చేయాలని వారు కోరారు.

Excuse me, if this is not an act of terrorism, what  is?

In essence, now the students, faculty and staff from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema are not only second-class citizens on OU campus, but are also target of hate!

I am wondering aloud if good ole days of “candidates from OU need not apply” will be back!


  1. nenu kooda exams rasee pass ayyanu. Entha burra baddalu kottukunna artham kavadam ledu. Evaluation chese variki ee student ekkadanuncho ella telustundi? Hall ticket number and maha aithe peru rastamu. Idekkadi viddoram andi, ee vaarthalu nammadaniki manasela voppindi. Entha rocket sceince kavalandi idantha trash ani nammadaniki.

    • Mr. Shaw123 (I am almost sure that it is not your real name)

      I am all for an open debate. I would rather stick to the issues. But, if occasionally a personal attack is aimed at me – I will give my rebuttal, if I feel it is necessary.

      I don’t censor comments. There are two exceptions to this policy: I don’t entertain a) foul language and b) personal attacks on private citizens especially on those who are not even in the debate.

      You did not use any foul language. However, you made an unsubstantiated and hate-filled personal attack on a person who has no connection what so ever with this debate. Therefore, I only posted a part of your comment.
      As far as explaining what you wanted me to explain – even if I can – I won’t. A lot of stuff happens for a lot of reasons. If that stuff happens to happen to a person from Telangana region, not every person born in the coastal Andhra region or Rayalaseema owe an explanation for every person who questions.

      • Great article and comments, i agree with you Mohan garu these fanatics are in full action at OU and more because of the money too. I hope USA does not allow people from Telangana who support morally or financially the telangana state all these telangana people who are Land grabbers, Job grabbers, Fund grabbers and cheats in US should be deported immediately. This is not going to happen but you know what i am talking about. How can people who come to US and make a life and living out in a different country fund and talk about separate state and hatred. I hate myself to be called a telugu guy.

        By the way i am born and bought up in telangana.

        • Deporting from USA – huh! That is a bit too extreme kadandi? Furthermore, people in America are no strangers to using hateful comments. Just listen to some of the rightwing talk-shows.

          Right now emotions about Telangana are high. People using this hateful rhetoric will eventually come to their senses. That is my hope.

          As I said several times – Telangana is neither Palestine, nor separate Telangana movement is like Khalistan movement. If there are a few more incidents like this OU incident, the JAC and the KCRs will lose support from many of their supporters.

  2. asram, you don’t get the jist of the discussion. Do you ?

  3. I think Mohan can start a political party. Now a days Mohan overreacting to these incidents. He does not have any clue of what is going on in telangana as he does not belong from there first and he has been residing in the US for the past 25 years. But unfortunately he has got the policical gajji from AP.
    It would be better if he fight problems in US related to indian people like immigration etc. I like people who do not speak much about any thing if they do not know issue much and don’t add more petrol to the problem.

    • Asram garu,

      First on the lighter side – in the interest of accuracy, I would like to correct I have been in this country for a little over 21 years – not 25. 🙂 As per starting a political party – no disrespect intended – I don’t honestly think you dish out good advice. For somebody like me who speaks his mind – politics is the last place to be in. 🙂

      Thanks for the suggesting what my fight should be – but I am old and mature enough to pick my own battles to fight.

      On a much more serious note – let me address the meat of your comments. In the last two decades I learned a few things about the political tactics, which are mostly employed by the Republicans – they divert the attention to the person raising the issue rather than the issue itself. They attack him relentlessly until he yields and folds. You are doing this very classic bait-and-switch tactic, or attack the messenger or a combination of both.

      Since you mentioned that ‘these days Mohan is overreacting to incidents’ I have to assume that you are referring to the most recent incidents I talked about: 1) attack on Nalamotu Chakravarthy and 2) this attack on OU campus.

      First of all, why do you make this about ‘Mohan?’

      Second, since you felt that I am overreacting, you must feel that these two incidents are trivial, correct? Or, the other possibility is that you are condoning these incidents!

      I could say, “Asram garu, why are you condoning the attack on Chakravarthy and the invigilators on OU campus?” But, I won’t. For, I don’t think you condone them. But you probably sympathize with the attackers. By saying these things, I would be using your own tactics, i.e. making this about you.

      One more thing sir – I never liked Clinton’s politics – especially his handling of the economy. But I learned one valuable lesson from him – never let a charge go unanswered.

  4. Can’t agree more.This is definitely a terrorist act. Disgrace to humanity (if not just students) and lowest point in this so called hate crime labeled as ‘separate state movement.’
    This incident should be a wake up call/jolt to all rational people in the entire state. If not acted immediately we all will be responsible for allowing these hate criminals growing up into monsters and besmirch our state and nation’s reputation.
    What a shame…None of those guys looked like students…they looked and acted more like rowdy sheeters, hard core hate criminals..why are these kinds of people not behind the bars yet and why are those inefficient police not suspended yet?

  5. Rao garu,

    Here is the hate mail I mentioned in my long rant. This was written by a Telangana separatist whose kids are ‘SETTLED’ in USA. A friend forwarded it to me several months ago. There are a lot of factual errors in his statements. This is essentially the narrative of the separatist movement. These assertions have been answered many times with real facts. But still the argument is etched in stone among many separatists. In case you missed hate – see the hateful comments in bold.
    I was amazed cannot believe I worked for him from Andhra, waybackduring my start of my career, he sent his kids here to USA, did n’t they buy property here?
    Actual mailbody received is reproduced here:
    Hi All
    I am born in Telengana and went to jail for Telengana during 1969 agitation. The following are my strong points for separate Telengana.

    1. Prior to AP formation , a commission called FAZUL ALI commission was formed to look into problems in combining Andhra and Hyderabad States
    . The commission strongly recommended not combining the two states. However Nehru prevailed over all and made the combined state possible.

    2. While joining the two states, Nehru along with other leaders from both sides made an agreement called GENTLE MENS agreement. According to
    this Each time there is a chief minister from Andhras ide there should be deputy chief minister from Telengana side.
    40 % of ministries must be reserved fro Telengana MLAs.
    All jobs in Telengana Must go to Telengana people (called muikis)
    The funds from each region must go for the development of that region.

    No body from outside can buy lands in Telengana unless specific permission is granted

    Non of these conditions were respected by Andhra Chief ministers, even from the start.
    Even after 2 years after formation, there was hue and cry in parliament that the funds from Telengana Region were siphoned into Andhra Region.

    3. After several years of tolerance of violations in Gentle Mens agreement, there were several agitations in Telengana Region. 1969 agitation
    was the biggest when 400 students from Telengana died in the agitation.

    4. Indira Gandhi at that time offered at that time another formula called 6 point formula to protect Telengana region and the agitation was
    suppressed with knive tactics.

    5. The 6 point formula was also never implanted. It was only consigned to the shelves by the Andhra Rulers.

    6. Most of the leaders of 1969 agitation (including some of my engineering class mates) joined naxal movement and even shed their lives,
    because they thought the Telengana people will never get justice under the Andhra Rulers.

    7 As agitation still continue, NTR brought 610 GO to pacify Telengana people. It also met the same fate as earlier agreements. Rajasekhar
    Reddy wanted to partly implement 610 GO to pacify TRS leaders. But with the connivance of officials he could not do much.

    8. Krishna Godavari rivers flow from Telengana to Andhra Region. Nagarjuna Sagar was built in Telengana Region. 80% of water is used by Andhra
    people. There is intentional neglect in developing the lands of Telengana. When AP was formed 20,000 Hectares was the irregatable land in
    Telengana. It fell to 10,000 Hectares last year.

    Sriramsagar which can give water to Telengana Region is under construction for last 40 years. But polavaram which can be utilized to steal
    water from Godavari is going at fastest pace with huge budgets.

    Petty amounts are allocated to JALA YAGNAM projects in Telengana and huge amounts to Andhra Projects.

    9. Andhra rules shamelessly sold and occupied all govt. and quasi govt. lands of Telengana regions. How Chandra Babu near hitech city, How
    LANCO grabbed wakf lands, and how thousands of Telengana lands was distributed to large business houses who in turn bought shares at
    exorbitant prices in SAKSHI paper are some instances which lit fire in the hearts on Telengana people.

    10. In recent NABARD funds allocation of 120 Crores, 9 crores were allocated to Telengana and the rest to Andhra. That shows the glaring fund
    allocation by the Samaikya vaadi hypocrats

    All universities in Telengana gets funds less than what is allocated to Gunter district. You just look at the buildings of Nalgonda
    university. Most of the so called universities in Telengana region are worse than glorified junior colleges.

    12. After over fifty years, they could not locate single Telengana lawyer to be employed as solicitor. After 50 years 93% of Secretariat staff
    come from Andhra region. Only 5 years out of 53 years we have Telengana chief ministers. All contractors for large irrigations projects are
    given to Andhra contractors.

    11. Andhra people have grabbed our jobs. Grabbed our lands. Grabbed our funds. Grabbed our water. They want to continue this in the name of
    Samaikya vaadi movement.

    Land grabbers, Job grabbers, Fund grabbers and cheats you can not sit on our shoulders in the guise of Samyukta Rastram any more and betray
    our aspirations


  6. Dear Sir

    You have every right to present your view of united andhra. Same breath you can criticize the people who wants telamgana.

    Unless you come out of the shell and express your willingness to take care of the greviences of telamgana people, there is no use of these articles. These articles will help the people to feel happy if they are for united andhra and agonize who believes in seperate telamgana.

    Neither Goons nor the people who really votes do not read this article.

    We can not change the whole world but if you present some hope on how new united andhra will help resolving the issues of telamgana.

    • Rao garu,

      You made some excellent points. I tried to be succinct in my reply – but it didn’t come out that way. Pardon me for this long rant.

      First of all, I am not writing this to reach goons and average voters in Andhra Pradesh. I am writing here to reach the moderates and those who can think and act. Hopefully, to those who can make a difference.

      I don’t know where you live. I now live in United States. In India, I was born and brought-up in Andhra Pradesh and I also lived outside my own birth state. When I was 10, I was in the sixth grade, we had no school for over six months due to the Jai Andhra movement. Some people grabbed me and my brother to join a ‘Jai Andhra’ rally in lorries. After coming home, my father scolded us for going out like that. In those days I knew squat about the issue. Yet, I wrote a stupid play about the virtues of separate Andhra. The themes of that play was two brothers fight with each other – one is for Andhra and one is for Telangana. Eventually all them say Jai Andhra.

      Not only I wrote the play, but also directed it and acted as a father of the two fighting brothers. It was an utterly stupid play written by a 10-year old. The scary thing was – this nonsensical play was very well received by those who watched it. One of the guys (in his 20s) who liked the play asked me for the play so that he and his friends can play it in another near-by village called Bhattiprolu. I gave it to him (on a different note, it was stupid to give away my first ‘literary’ piece.)

      It felt good when they were praising that play, my directing and my acting. But looking back at it, it is really scary. Not just because a 10-year old who has no clue about the current events and history has such an influence on people. The plot was terrible. Why would one brother be pro-Telangana and the other pro-Andhra? Why would they both say Jai Andhra in the end? Yet – it touched the emotions of those people who watched. Such is the nature of our minds – whether we are in Seemandhra or Telangana. I wish my father stopped us from going with the play. Since we had no school, we had nothing else to do. I guess we went with the flow and digested the rhetoric.

      I don’t see many separatist Telanganites mindset any different than that ten-year old Mohana Murali. It may sound like too strong a statement. I can and will justify my statement. That Mohana Murali has no clue about history or facts. Yet, he was pro-Andhra.

      You said, grievances of Telangana people. The only legitimate grievance I see here is that politicians really played with the sentiments of the Telangana people. Beyond that, whatever you or some Telanganites call ‘grievances’ are also valid grievances for people of coastal districts and Rayalaseema districts. Backwardness, and underdevelopment etc. You need examples?

      I went to schools in Repalle that had to be closed when it rained. I went to a school in Macherla which didn’t even have a roof. Through my 10th grade I never had a bench to sit on in my school. I lived in Prakasam district where ground water had exessive fluoride and caused several health problems to the local population. These are some of my experiences with what some Telangana separatists believe as ‘excellent facilities’ coastal district people enjoyed.

      Listen to the rhetoric in the name of Telangana now and gauge the hate for yourself. If you haven’t heard, listen carefully. Looters. Migrants. Settlers! Go back to your places. This pathetic. Yes, partly it is the spineless opportunistic leadership, or lack there of, that brought us here. But I said this several times and say it again and again: this Telangana issue is a creation of overzealous pseudo intellectuals and unemployed politicians. They turned the rejection they faced in to hate. They kept spreading hate in the name of Telangana – relentlessly. All of a sudden, losers became winners.

      Telangana is a part of India. Every citizen of India has a right to this land. Period. No over-zealous hard-core Telanganaite should even think about making incendiary statements like “valasalu are welcome to stay.” You don’t see a second-class citizen treatment in that statement andi? I do. Who the heck are they to grant permission to “allow” a citizen of India to stay in a part of India?

      As I said many times, even good people – sane and educated people – get carried away when incendiary comments are made. At some point, a minor trigger will unleash a major mayhem. That trigger can be as small as attacking “Andhra meals” hotels in the Telangana area.

      Infighting among ourselves – it is the dream of the British come true. I just hope this battle for Hyderabad will not end in major violence and killings.

      Chidambaram’s cowardly act finally blew the lid of reason among the reasonable people. I cannot say that I blame average pro-separatist for current sentiment. For, as I said several times before – ALL politicians did play with the sentiments of Telangana people. Some of their anguish is understandable. But other people have feelings too. What is happening and whatever happens in Andhra Pradesh does affect my family. It is also affecting the life of Telugu people here in United States.

      Now, why am I running this site? The top caption says it all: this is for all people who are beyond caste, religion, region and race feeling. Since the majority here are Telugu speaking and several articles are in Telugu also, it is TeluGlobe – but this site is truly global. The theme of this site is very simple: Unity, education and survival skills for global economy, family, and fun.

      Please see the hate-filled sites like and see incinerating labels, comments, and nonsensical bile-filled articles on that site. How can anyone have a constructive dialogue when one side is characterizing the other side as: Andhra valasa paalana, exploiters, Andhra valasalu, Andhra elite [in fact elite is a good word but, it is always used in negative context]. and articles titled “సమైక్యాంధ్ర వాదం కుత్తుకపై తెలంగాణా కత్తి” What is the “implied” message in it? Is Andhra, which always is a synonym for Telugu, a bad word now? Is this argument constructive?

      I don’t know where you live, but – don’t you see hate? Don’t you see polarization, sir? I do. If you are friends with someone for twenty years, you probably have a lot in common with that person. But, why do friends of decades are gravitating to a social group of their perceived likeness? How can you stop this polarization?

      You questioned the usefulness of articles like this one. It is a fair question.

      This is not about my right to express. It is a hope to make some difference. I will explain.

      For nearly a decade as the spread of hatred was working the minds of people as slow poison, a lot of people have used the approach, ‘godavalu endukule.’ That amounted to tacit admission of a guilt in some minds. It is high time that the barrage of accusations, verbal and physical assaults are challenged. At times, ‘stop it’ is all it takes to stop aggression.

      I cannot change the goons at OU – whether they read this blog or not. I cannot change the voters in India. But, I can make reasonable people think – think enough not to get carried away by emotions. That is the purpose of articles like this.

      In doing so, what is important for me is objectivity and dishing out the facts accurately. Feel free to bring to my notice any inaccuracies in what I said. Yes, I use some strong language occasionally. Why? I want people to think twice before they say a hateful thing next time.

      BTW, for those who don’t see hate in Caller Lakshmi’s anguish, I will post an e-mail I received several months ago. It was written by a person considered to be an ‘intellectual.’

      Sorry for the length of this rant….

  7. నేను విన్నవాటి లో ఇది అతి హేయమైన చర్య ఉస్మానియా జె.ఎ.సి వొక నీచ నికృష్ట జె.ఎ.సి.
    నయం కే. సి. ఆర్ పేపర్ దిద్దాలి అనలేదు … అన్నా అంటారు .. పాపం వీళ్ళకి కే. సి. ఆర్ పెడతాడు పెద్ద గుదిబండ ..

  8. paityaniki idi parakasta!

  9. What a pity. How can the the graders know which region the student is from ? — especially if the answers are written in English.

    • we never know they might say that they have written in Telangana
      English …