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Posted by on Mar 24, 2010 in Telugu, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Great Job Mastaru!

Every TORI listener is familiar with this smiley face (though Mohana Murali Garu says, he seldom pose with smile in real life). Like every one else I became a fan of MMGL couple of years back and again like every one else, got glued to it. I never had enough English words to put together  ‘why I like this show?’ until I have come across the following blog post. I totally agree with every point that this blogger (Unknown Indian) says.

“I started listening to your program for past 6 weeks and now got I hooked” says one listener from Germany
“I am your most loyal listener and have been listening to your program for more than three years” tells another faithful follower from West Coast
“A friend of mine who lives LA told me about this program and I have been telling all my friends about this program” excitingly tells new listener from Mid west

During the last US elections, while searching Internet for Telugu music – I started listening suddenly to some speaking about Barack Obama in Telugu. There is some charisma in speaker’s voice and for the next couple of hours – I was simply listening to the radio and nothing else. That was two years back – but now, I do it by choice.

You can spend 24/7/365 days on Internet and there is lot for everyone. But, Internet is also short of free good quality stuff. All the stuff that is worth a dime, now a days you have to pay – let it be a porn site or Wall Street Journal.

However few quality and good things are still available freely – that you could enjoy, relax, learn, understand perhaps gain a bit or two and then if you are excited, participate as well. Good news is – this is for Telugu speaking community across the globe.

Are you looking for a feast every Friday? Then visit TORI (Telugu One Radio on Internet). Prof Mohan starts the program every Friday with melodious music tracks from Washington DC on dot at 1700 CET, 2130 IST, 1600 UK and 1030 EST. Then show flows on and on for next 4 to 5 hours with exciting listeners requests, topics, commentary, songs, discussions and debates (rachchanda in Telugu). Every show is unique and you do not know what comes next!

It is a feast for (I call it feast because – you get everything like a sumptuous five course meal) anyone who is keen to listen, connect or actively participate regarding wide ranging contemporary subjects like education, Andhra Pradesh, life in US, immigration, Telugu culture, American economy, American politics, or some times special interviews with worthy people and many more.

During the past 2 decades with advent of TV – radio took a back seat. However, for various reasons Radio is getting back in the main stream – let it be in India or West. And if you are a Telugu speaker, then this is perhaps the best program or show.

The beauty of Prof Mohan’s program is – his ability to speak clearly and communicate successfully with anyone from US west coast to Asia. His command on Telugu language and his voice are big attractions. He rarely slips his tongue during the 4 or 5 hours (near live) show and his satire and humour are best ingredients like salt and pepper in a feast. Prof Mohan criticism or appreciation equally commands respect – let it be Chandrababu Naidu or Barack Obama he rarely reserves his thoughts and spells out forcefully but with acceptable tone and tenor. Despite his forceful tone, Mohan is conscious of his listeners and always respect their views and view point.

For someone like me with no Telugu speakers other than my wife around, Friday shutdown goes in sync with the start of this program. Even otherwise, I am sure for many across the globe – this is a great show to listen and enjoy!

If Mohan Murali Ganalahari has been running for more than three years – it tells equally about Prof Mohan’s credibility and his listener’s loyalty.

Here is the link for the original post. Leave a comment if you agree with me.


  1. Kudos to the blogger for putting a precise description about the show. I also want to greatly appreciate Mohan garu for creating Teluglobe, aside from various aspects of TORI and MMGL. Teluglobe is such a great place to hangout … 🙂 (no I don’t have to get a life !! :D)

  2. Too bad not every day is Friday 🙂


  3. i would second that opinion. I have been searching for a perfect Telugu radio for quite some time. There are a ton of stations for listening on the computer, very few are on the Smartphone (which is really important these days). TORI is the only one which has both the quality and can be accessed from the computer/Smartphone.

    Its all about frequency when it comes to creating new listeners and keeping them glued to the program . Mohan gari program (or is it Mohan garu himself ? 🙂 ) has that right frequency.

  4. I am very flattered.