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Posted by on Aug 29, 2010 in Interviews, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Conversation with Chakravarthy: ‘mana Telugu thalli’ Book and Telangana 3 of 4

This conversation is a recording of the live show on TORi with Nalamotu Chakravarthy. Topics of the conversation included: the motivation for writing his book, Telangana issue, the August 2nd attack on him by Telangana separatists, and Srikrishna Committee.

Contents of this four part podcast:

Part 1 – Conversation by Mohan and Chakravarthy

Part 1 – Callers: Arun, Tirumal, Hanumantha Reddy

Part 3 – Callers: Sumanth, Ramana, Saradhi

Part 4 – Callers: Sumanth, Ramana, Saradhi

Date of broadcast: August 22, 2010

Audio Language: Mostly Telugu

1 Comment

  1. During talk with Sumanth garu, the topic came as comparing the two regions to two brothers. I think the problem is in the thinking about it, as Chakravarthy garu and Mohan garu pointed out right the flawed comparison. Linguistically how on earth we can compare these two regions separate?! Take the language, it’s script is same and the grammar is same. what is different is mandalikam but so is uttarandhra and rayalaseema and dakshinandhra. Does anyone remember the lead character in movie ‘Maro Charitra’ acted by Kamal Hasan !? In order to win the heart of his telugu lover, he learns the language and to show his proficiency he speaks on all yasas? This was a movie directed by Tamil director (Balachander). It is probably not a bright example but this is just to mention people from outside telugu language see this as one language. period.

    whereas the two regions are actually rather an arm and leg of an integral linguistic state, the argument that they are brothers (and I wonder why they don’t call them sisters, especially when we call telugu thalli and telengana thalli!! :-)) doesn’t lead to factual presentation. Moreover it is very evident it will cause untold problems if the states are separated like this when it comes to sharing the resources like river waters, capital and income on the whole. Already we have several issues with neighboring states. The other thing is about telangana region reducing to land locked region like in British time. All these issues are well presented in Chakravarthy’s book. It is indeed a Bhasmasura wish for Telengana and not only will it destroy that region, it will bring down other regions also with problems multiplying.

    I hope more information about this issue and the facts written in the book get disseminated especially to the incendiary minded individuals in places like Osmania University. I don’t see an easy and quick solution to this except educating people and make them think about this. I think anyone who acts violently should be forced to read the facts in detention. Of course if someone causes injury to someone they need to be punished by law.