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Posted by on Feb 25, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Congress and TDP Stand on T-issue

Till date, congress and TDP have not taken a clear stand on the T-issue. Instead, they have let their leaders in both the regions take a stand according to the region. Naturally, all members from Telangana region have taken a pro-Telangana stand and all members from Seemandhra region have taken a pro-samaikyandhra stand.

V.K. Duggal, member secretary of Sri Krishna committee, has requested all the eight political parties to submit their views to the committee. The icing on the cake being that the views should be submitted by the party presidents. At a time when the violence due to the agitations has not completely subsided, the request from Duggal could not have come at a more inappropriate time. Any decisions from the political parties in favor of a particular region would burn the other region. But Duggal has made his move.

A couple of months ago, PCC chief D.Srinivas, has not been in favor of separate Telangana. But with a chance to contest in the by-elections from Nizamabad constituency, it is to be seen whether he would be willing to take a pro-telangana stand. More importantly, would he be able to unite all the party members even after taking a stand on the T-issue?

Chandrababu Naidu, who is considered the chanakya of politics, has also been in a fix as to the party’s stand regarding the T-issue. Being a former chief minister and a dynamic one, expectations from him were quite high. The former chief minister who is credited with putting Hyderabad on the global map failed to provide leadership to his party members when they were divided on regional lines. What would be his stand on the T-issue?

Both the parties have seen what has happened to PRP in the Telangana region after Chiranjeevi has taken a pro-samaikyandhra stand. Congress and TDP know that they have a lot to lose when they take a stand on the T-issue and are probably not going to respond to Duggal’s request. Both the parties will probably continue with their current tactics and ignore the deadline set by Duggal. Sadly, this means that for every politician personal gains take priority even when the state burns. Even for a former chief minister.


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