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Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Chakravarthy’s Takes on a Partisan TV-9 Anchor

TeluGlobe’s contributor Chakravarthy garu was on TV-9 to defend AP-NRI’s pro-united AP stand. I know how these TV interviews work. It is not easy to be spontaneous when you are not used to facing bright lights and partisan hacks called anchors. Unfortunately, Chakravarthy’s message was hijacked by the anchors stupid questions.

This anchor took all the time discredit the pro-unity AP-NRI forum, while at the same time defending the pro-division TDF. Look at his logic: why should NRI’s care about being united and rally against division? Hello, Mr. Anchor Man, extend your own logic and tell me why should the American chapter of TDF care about how the hell people of Andhra Pradesh live?

He wants to know how many people in the AP-NRI are from the Telangana region. I know there are several people of Telangana region in AP-NRI Forum. That is a lot more than the number of Muslims you find at a Church Mass, or a number of pro-unity people at TDF. Also, if NRIs have investments in Hyderabad, they should not have an opinion?

In this second part – the reporter keeps pounding about the credibility of data. If these TV talking heads kept questioning the data TDFs and TRSs hate-filled data, things would not have come this far. Also, look at the way he is trying to point to a wedge between people from various parts of the state who are now living in US.

It all proves one important fact: powerful media in the hands of hate-mongers and divisive forces is dangerous….


  1. I think tv9 looked @ this post and took out the video. Good job Mastaru.

  2. videos are not working at all… looks like some one removed or blocked

  3. Mohan garu,
    This Video is not visible (at least I have problems with my IE 8.0 at work). Can you please post the URL once again? Thanks

    • these are youtube videos. Might have got blocked at work place.

      • KP Garu,
        I can watch YT at work. For some reason I cannot watch embedded videos here. If you have the YT URL, please email me.