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Posted by on Aug 3, 2010 in History, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Chakravarthy Was Mobbed


Ladies and gentlemen,

TRS may have won the by-elections by spreading misinformation and lies, stoking the emotions and by orchestrating hate against people of Rayalaseema and coastal districts. Spineless leaders of major political parties played into the hands of TRS rhetoric and handed them a victory. All this proved only the obvious – people are sheep.

TeluGlobe’s contributor and a leading voice for united Andhra Pradesh, Mr Chakravarthy Nalamotu and his family are being harassed by separatist elements for quite some time. The latest news is that Chakravarthy was mobbed today by TRS goondas at a book release ceremony in Hyderabad. I just spoke with Mrs. Chakravarthy and he is doing fine.

I am awaiting more details about the story before I can say more. For now, all I want to say about this incident is this: You can’t spell ‘terrorist’ without T.R.S.

Please join me in expressing solidarity with Chakravarthy garu. Whether you are for United Andhra Pradesh or a Telangana activist, I do not believe you are pro-hate or anti-democratic person. Even if you are not willing to express solidarity for Chakravarthy, the least you can do is to condemn this incident.

Eenaadu article:

TV-9 Coverage:

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  1. Very unfortunate incident, it is sad to note that even police couldn’t provide proper security in a country where terrorits can conduct public meetings and criticize head of the sate.

    All these days I used to wonder, how come there is not even one person who could defend openly for united andhra from telengana region.I knew there are many such people but are silent and scared of these TRS rowdies( or terrorists) what ever you call them.I’m happy that I could find that …OKKAMAGADU..Mr.Chakravarthy…Great job.Congratulations on gracefully releasing your book in Hyderabad.I wish you could do a Book in all mojor cities of AP.And is there a chance of releasing an audio book?

    my 2cents..Currupt politicians and bunch of other losers from both the regions are out to kill this GOLDEN GOOSE called HYDERABAD(post 1980).Rational people from both the regions regions realize this.

    • Yes, we should all commend his bravery and commitment. One problem with anyone from other regions opposing this sham movement is that they can immediately slate them as outsiders. I didn’t know Chakravarthy garu is from telengana region until this incident happened. I was always wondering if there are any voices for one telugu state from Telengana region and this is a pleasant surprise for me. Being an NRI, at this stage I can’t help much, but as a moral support to him I ordered his book four days back. I am awaiting it’s arrival. I also wish amazon releases a kindle version of it. I am going to recommend to them on this.

      All the major political parties are culprits in allowing something like TRS and legitimizing it’s bogus causes. Even newspapers like Eenadu and so on have stopped presenting the facts and at various stages promoted this guy KCR to upstage one party or other. History will note the complicity of everyone for all the mishap that is unfolding.

  2. Mohan garu, Yes, I saw his reply too just now. For some reason my computer is not allowing me to reply on the same thread so here is my response.

    One thing that I can see is how the rationale for the ‘just cause’ what they think they have for this fight, keeps changing. First the argument was that they were underdeveloped and then discriminated and then atma gowravam and now I am hearing folks from other regions are viruses for people in Telenagana?? This is kind of mentality that leads the hypocrisy of the ends justify any means and yes they may end up with belt-bombs, I won’t be surprised. Evidently many people are unaware of our rich culture.

    Speaking of ‘atma gowravam’, a few words. From what I learned about telugu culture as a kid, I didn’t see any discrimination based on region. I learnt equally well about Bammera Pothana or Srinadha kavi. Dasarathi or Tirupathi venkata Kavulu. CiNaRe or Sri Sri. We learnt equally well about Khuli Qutub Shah and Krishna Devaraya. Where is the denigration being cited. The separatists talk about making fun of Telangana yasa in telugu movies. Well, making fun is done about all yasas. The most dominant yasa in telugu movies is from what the majority of writers are from. For that matter some of the most successful recent movies are the ones that are dubbed from Tamil and they have an inevitable Tamil accent. Should we feel drowned about that!?

    So if the separate state is given based on these whimsical notions, it will be a very bitter wedge on Telugu culture and it’s identity.

  3. dear iam, I deeply feel sorry for you. Reading the book clears all doubts any one has. I’m from prakasham and do you know how many problems it has? You don’t care. All he is saying is, if you want a saparate state, let it be on meaningful facts, not on bed of lies. What more commonsense you need to understand this simple logic. Take it easy!

  4. Terrorists and goonads…this proves your extreme hatred for Telangana and its people.When BJP was conducting a meeting in kosta andhra to aware on this issue they got mobbed too, are those people who stopped that meeting terrorist? We all know your stand on this issue but have some common sense. You can understand Nalamotu’s hypocrisy in other subjects but just not this … have some wisdom Mr. Prof. Trying to make oodles of money by selling a useless book to stir up anger … what an idea sir ji ! Good luck with that.

    • It is not hatred for Telangana people. It is a strong rebuttal for those elements who are spreading hatred in the name of Telangana and for those who are committing violence in the name of Telangana. For decades they keep calling people from the Rayalaseema and coastal region looters, spreading rumors, lies which in my books is hatred.

      I don’t see Chakravarthy’s hypocrisy. His thesis is clear. His data is reliable and verifiable. None of the data put out by TRS and the statements they make are true. They are lies. Period. If there is anything true in them, that is by sheer stroke of luck. Take for example, about where Chakravarthy hails from. The separatists are spreading rumors about where he hails from. “Nalgonda vaasiga cheppukontunna.” Do you know one thing, “Telangana vaasiga cheppukontunna KCR” hails from coastal Andhra region. Get used to this: Chakravarthy is a pure Telangana bidda and he didn’t fall for your hate-mongering. That doesn’t make him a bad guy.

      I don’t know anything about the incident you mentioned – i.e. attack on BJP. I will have to verify before I can comment on it. But if it is true, I will condemn that incident in the same spirit.

      I have an advice for you my friend. Don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself. More importantly, read authentic history and try to understand the complexities of our rich culture rather than watch Raj TV for hate feeds.

      I see hypocrisy in you my friend. Do you know what democracy stands for? Freedom! Of all freedoms, freedom of speech at the top of list. Those idiots who attacked Chakravarthy can’t even take the criticism that their demand is based on “lies.” And yet they dare to call over half of Telugu speaking people “looters?” What do they want in a separate Telangana? A Taliban like government where dissent is not tolerated? And you support them?

      My criticism is not just aimed at TRS, it is aimed all major political parties which help create this mess. If there is one leader who stood up and stopped the methodical spread of hate in the name of Telangana by some unemployed politicians over two decades, things wouldn’t have come this far.

      • Ok, TRS is lying then what about 1969 agitation? That time also telanganites expressed dissatisfaction for same reasons. TRS picked up the same slogan and started agitation, if TRS stops it somebody else will take it from there. Basically, formation of united Andhra had some gaps and it will break up one day or other. What you mentioned is a good example “If there is one leader who stood up and stopped …” who will tolerate such injustice in the name of region? nippu lenide poga raadu. And why is so much adamancy about separation, didn’t other same language states split for administrative efficiency and political power decentralization…are they Talibanised? Opposing separation only firms up those lies. You may not aware of that incident but there are lots of such incidents happening to people who are talking about Jai Andhra, Vasantha Nageshwar Rao etc. …yes, in our great democracy.

        • Your response probably deserves an answer as you seem to have lot of conviction on this issue. what kind of injustice done to Telengana? Please prove it based on facts. There is a committee working on it. This is not time to foment passions and make young and innocent and gullible people to take their lives. When some people are trying to educate people on facts and documented historical facts don’t attack them. If they are wrong, prove it. Now the problem is that this (false) movement by TRS is trying to weigh in on these facts by adding the element of deaths, threats and ultimately those are the reasons that are going to influence the outcome of this too. But is the movement really worth that much? Debate on this with people supporting one state or people supporting other regions.

          Since you mentioned injustice to Telangana, let’s talk about this a minute. Do you have factual data that it is discriminated based on region? Or is it because some things are done based on the merits of doing that? For example, take the construction of irrigation dams. They were constructed more in coastal area because that is where the delta is and that is where it is most logical to build. In Telengana area some places the ayacut is as high as 1800 feet it seems. In some areas Telengana has more industries like Singareni coal mines and so on. Now how obsurd it will be if coastal guys crying afoul of this ?! Just think coolly about this so called injustice.

          The other thing is once you are divided, as a culture you will get weak. Even a united AP could not get it’s share enough for the territorial waters with neighboring states. Imagine of the state is divided into even smaller states. In fact we should go the other way. We should probably try to get composite federal states of AP, Karnataka, Maharastra and Tamil Nadu to put all these disputes at rest and at once for all. After all no one should be at a loss. Use the resources in the best way possible. Makes sense?

          The thing about 1969 agitation was that, it got fizzled once Telengana guys were given power. It is all about power-mongering. Think about this and think different.


        • This is my last response to you, ’cause there is no point in arguing with a person who won’t even reveal his real name, much less reveal the identity. Furthermore, you don’t even know the definition of hate. You don’t call people calling for unity ‘haters.’ Hate divides people, it doesn’t unite them.

          ఏమన్నారు? నిప్పులేనిదే పొగ రాదా?

          Most recently one of the most trusted professional colleagues of mine sent me the following e-mail, which has been in circulation for several years.

          —————————- begin e-mail —————————–


          1) I’m sure many of you watched the recent taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show

          Where her guest was Tommy Hilfiger. On the show, she asked him if the statements about race he was accused of saying were true.
          Statements like’…’If I’d known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish and Asians would buy my clothes, I WOULD NOT have made them so nice. I wish these people would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white people’

          His answer to Oprah was a simple ‘YES’.

          Where after she immediately asked him to leave her show.

          My suggestion? Don’t buy your next shirt or perfume from Tommy Hilfiger.
          Let’s give him what he asked for. Let’s not buy his clothes, let’s put
          Him in a financial state where he himself will not be able to afford the
          ridiculous prices he puts on his clothes.


          Then send it to the whole community that’s not white people and see the result.
          We have to see the result of unity.

          Let’s find out if Non-whites really play such a small part in the world.. Stop buying any range of their (Tommy H etc) product, perfume, cosmetics,
          clothes, bags, etc.,

          ———————————- end e-mail ——————–
          There is one problem with that story. It is completely fabricated and Tommy Hilfiger was maligned. The friend who fell for is a well respected professional. One of the recipients in the e-mail responded, “I will certainly send this on to my friends.” She is also well respected among our peers.

          Here is the real story – watch for yourself.

          Raj TV, FOX TV లాంటి తొత్తు చానెల్స్ ఉంటె , నిప్పేమి ఖర్మ, oxygen లేకుండానే పొగ తెప్పించవచ్చు. కళ్లుకు పొరలు ఉంటె ఏదైనా పొగలాగానే వుంటుంది. అసలు నిజం తెలుసుకోవాలన్న ఆలోచన వుంటేగా కొందరికి!!

          • Nice illustration. Thanks.

    • Mr (or Ms) iam,

      Your statement
      “Terrorists and goonads…this proves your extreme hatred for Telangana and its people.”

      is patently wrong. If we have hatred for Telangana and it’s people, why would we say we want all to be together! Think about it.


      • Stop sermons. Would you live in a joint family with disputes with brothers or prefer to separate and have good relations and prosperity …think about it.

        • Once I am separated, good relations! I fight tooth and nail for what I think belongs to me. Please think about it.

          • your statement explains a lot. 🙂

          • Virus patti napudu vidipinchu kovadaniki dabbulu karchu kaava ? Samajhne wale samjh gaye hai aur jo na samjhe woh…. Anari hai !

          • Just saw his reply to you. One has to really thank people like him for coming out of the closet and and put on display their deep seated insecurities and hatred. Serves as a reality check. Telangana is neither a Khalistan nor a Palestine. People from coastal Andhra Pradesh are neither Israelis nor Amish. But, people with such hateful rhetoric as comparing nearly 50 million Telugu speaking people to ‘virus’ are the ones who can easily show-up with a belt-bomb.

  5. The event is really outrageous. The minute I saw it in Eenadu, thought of posting in TeluGlobe.

    I am deeply saddened, and request Chakravarthy garu not to loose his spirit. KNY Patanjali used to quote that ‘Write, intelligent people may understand. – Tolstoy.’

    There are no leaders who fight for Telugu Culture or Telugu. And it appeals it may not be distant that Telugu will be buried…


    Is there still hope for a ‘samkharavam?’

  6. Well, this should not be entirely unexpected! From the beginning TRS was more or less stating what it was for. You cannot spell terrorist without spelling TRS, was well said Mohan Garu!

    However I also want to point out the complicity of the other parties including Congress, TDP, PRP, Communists and all. The present day leaders of these parties don’t have an iota of idea about how Telengana was formed under Nizam before the British gave us Independence and how oppressed the region was in terms of human rights and welfare of people. Even the communists who were instrumental in liberating Telangana from the Razakar movement are tacitly supporting TRS, just because of their aim of dethroning Congress from power. The so called CPI (M) says it doesn’t support separate Telangana, but supports TDP which has alliance with TRS, in the last assembly elections!! What kind of political bankruptcy is this? It is appalling to see all the political parties kow-towing to this guy called KCR who doesn’t have a single thing that he can say he achieved in terms of the welfare of people of Telangana. No need to tell anything about the print and electronic media , they would want their share of sensationalism and anarchy to cash in on this. People are the innocent sheep here who can’t figure out this political expediency and power mongering and are lending their emotions and even lives to this historic tragedy.

    I want to applaude Chakravarthy garu for boldly trying to get all the facts into light and trying to make people aware of them. It may be his perspective of history but the important thing that is getting uncovered here is that why the separatists are fearing him and his book, if they think it is on false facts? Not everyone who agree with him can do what he is doing.

    I will try to call MMGL and possibly discuss this, if you don’t mind.

    BTW, Mohan Garu, I think I know you personally and you probably know me too, but I will make sure of that when I talk to you.


  7. This is a very pathetic incident that happened in a democratic country.

  8. Very unfortunate incident, we are in the era where countries are coming together to achieve development (east & west Germany),vote politics in our state is dividing people.

  9. Mohan Garu,
    This is sad. The state of affairs are degrading every day with a timid CM. Its a shame. Its heartening to know he is doing fine.

    Why on earth they mob a Telanagana bidda ? Exactly the reason for the backwardness of the region. If anything the public should mob the existing politicians.

    • Mohan garu,
      And I am in the state, going to five villages in Mahaboob Nagar today. I want to see how much the TRS influence in the rural areas.

      • Bhanu, Glad to hear from you. Have a nice trip!

  10. Very sad incident. I read about this yesterday in another Telugu forum but wanted to wait for more authenticated details before I post anything here. That portal also published Chakravarthy garu’s response on the incident.

    Truely, TRS is becoming a synonym for Talibans in Telangana area. It is very unfortunate that the Govt and Police are helpless in this matter. No matter what the subject is and what the place is, the Constitution provides us equal right to represent and express our views on any thing. Being a political party, TRS is missing that commonsense.

  11. very sad and not acceptable. I’m sure none there read his book.