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Posted by on Feb 27, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

By-elections : Part I

Some call it dedication to Telangana. Others, including me, call it irresponsible and foolish. No matter what you call the resignations, they have paved a path for by-elections. This means a chance for the political parties to strengthen themselves in the assembly.

Even before the election commission came out with the notification, PCC Chief D.Srinivas, has declared that congress would contest in the by-elections. As expected, this announcement was opposed by OU students JAC and Telangana political JAC. In fact, the OU students went a step further and threatened to attack him.

The TRS party has been hoping that its candidates would be re-elected unopposed. But with congress contesting the by-polls, this may not happen. The TRS candidates have said that their win is the responsibility of the Telangana political JAC. As absurd as it may sound, that is the strategy of the TRS candidates.

Though one may expect that the by-elections are a way for TDP to increase their MLA count, I think this is going to be a major head-ache for TDP. Surely, TDP cannot contest by-polls without having a clear agenda on many issues facing the state and Telangana is one of them. Congress can and will escape this by singing the “high command’s decision is our decision” song and the high command will not take any decision until Sri Krishna committee report is out. I seriously doubt if TDP can come up with any excuses for a stand on T-issue during the by-elections. In these situations, it may not be a surprise if TDP decides not to contest the by-polls.


  1. Between 2004, 2009 TDP changed its stand on Telangana and it became a bigger fool got trapped into the issue.

  2. If TDP contests by saying they are for Telangana, they are going to lose face in Seemandhra. If they say they are against Telangana, they are not going to win any seats. I think it is better that they stay away from the by-elections.

  3. In my opinion TDP is not going to gain or lose any thing by contest in this by-elections , In fact if they stay away from these elections.. at least they can get advantage out of that in 2014 elections. Because they (TDP) always says that TDP will be there and their leader is Babu in Telangana even after Telangana formation.