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Posted by on Feb 28, 2010 in Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Botsa speaks his mind … again

Panchayat Raj minister, Botsa Satyanarayana, spoke his mind about the T-issue. The only problem is that he spoke about it earlier too. In the past, Botsa raised his voice for separate Uttarandhra and then again for Samaikyandhra. Now, he thinks there is nothing wrong in dividing the state. Naturally, his statements about dividing the state have drawn some serious comments from the leaders of the Samaikyandhra movement.

However, the leaders of the Telangana movement have welcomed Botsa’s statements. Until a few days ago, the Telangana leaders have been accusing the Seemandhra leaders of robbing Telangana. Now, when Botsa makes a statement in favor of dividing the state, they welcome him with open arms. Does this mean that the Telangana leaders will forgive all those who have robbed Telangana if they agree to divide the state?

Change of opinion is natural. There is nothing wrong with it. Knowledge of facts and some basic research about the facts are necessary when opining about an issue as sensitive as division of state. But when a people’s representative who is also a cabinet minister changes his opinion twice within three months, it means that either he has come to an opinion previously without considering the scientific facts or he is doing so for their personal gains.

Botsa is no different from any politician and it is only foolish to think that the Panchayat Raj minister does not know the facts. I think his statements are aimed to get himself more political mileage. It seems like he is anticipating much less competition to the throne when the state is divided.

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